Sunday, November 19, 2017

Friday, November 10, 2017

West 2 and North 2  Zones get together for a fun P day hike!!

Sister Andrus and Sister Stout are  "Minions" for Halloween on the square!!

Sister Stout (Oregon)  and Sister Andrus from Alaska are with East 1 Zone working hard at "This is the Place" Monument
raking, moving rocks, and shoveling...Service with a smile!

Sister Andrus(Alaska), working hard!!
North 1 Zone    Cleaned the Midvale History Museum

North 1 Service Project

Departing Sisters Luncheon at the Garden Restaurant November 1st 2017.   L to R Sister Tuttle(California), Sister Macfarlane(Arkansas), Sister Evans (Mexico),  Sister Rodriguez(California),  new A.P. Sister Wagner(Mexico/AZ) 
and Sister Ward(Connecticut).

Sister MacFarlane (Arkansas),  Sister Valenzuela (New Mexico),  Sister Newlin (North Carolina),
Sister Beltran (Mexico),  Sister Risenmay, President Risenmay,  Elder and Sister Walker.

Oct. 29 R.S. Agenda

Relief Society Agenda from November 2nd

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Sister Salas has a big smile for us at the fun Halloween get together.
We had a wonderful dinner catered by Olive Garden
The sisters gave wonderful reviews of how the author of the story, C.S.Lewis did such a good job incorporating
 the plight of our Savior into this childrens story made movie.
The Batemans provided us with popcorn, donut, sodapop, and a trick-or-treat bad of candy.
The square was open until 5:00PM at which time it closed until the next morning at 9:00AM.

Front, Sisters Radcliffe(Texas), and Pasos (Mexico)
Our APs Sister Tuttle(California), and Sister Ward(Connecticut)  

Sister Lira(Brazil), Sister Hahl(Texas),  Sister Oeser(Ohio),  and Pohosrinne(Canada).

Sister Bates(Texas) (middle) announces the re running of ROMNEY(R) Sister Romney
(New Mexico), and RYAN, Sister Spilsbury(AZ)!!!

Sisters Huang(Taiwan), Chang(Taiwan),  Mikuleckey(California),  Huang(Taiwan)

Sisters Bailey(Japan),  Wilford(Missouri),  Ko(Philippines),
and Sister Fernandez(Argentina)

Sister Botcha(India) and Sister Franco(Colombia)

Sister Sine(California),Sister Trevino(Texas),  Sister Donald(Tennessee)
and Sister Wilson(Idaho)

Sister Ren(China),  and Sister Leauanae(Texas),

Sisters Ranieri(Italy),  Lira(Brazil),Oliveira(Brazil), and Orellana(Honduras)

Sister Clement (AZ) shows loyalty to our flag while
SisterAshton (Canada) expresses love for this country also!

Sister Clement(AZ), and Sister Evans(Mexico) get photo bombed
by a donut.

Sister Smthson(AZ), Sister Slade(AZ), and Sister Bablitz(Florida)

Sisters Aguilar(Guatemala), Sister Black(Mississippi), and
Sister Engmann(Ghana)

Sisters LtoR Peralta(Philippines), Rachata(Thailand), Acuna(Argentina), Liu(China),  Guio (Philippin
Souza(Brazil),  Kapu(Hawaii),  Ou(China)  Tse(Hong Kong), Su(China),  Rispress(So. Carolina)es), 
have a fun time getting to know each other better at the Halloween dinner and movie arranged for by
Pres. and Sister Bateman. What a good time we had!!!!!!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Singing our thank you song to the servers bringing us food

 The sisters so appreciate the wonderful food brought in at Conference time.

October Sunset with Salt Lake Temple on the skyline

October Birthdays

 Flu Shot day...............not a smile to be seen!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Top pix left to right Sisters Wilson (Idaho), Donald  (Tennessee), Romney (New Mexico), Spilsbury(AZ),
Fernandez(Argentina),  KO(Philippines),  Gomes(Brazil) Moss (Washington)

Sunday, October 22, 2017


The sisters in North 2 congregate  in Sister Lechner and Sister Fedotovas
apartment to do some pumpkin carving!!

A BOOtiful temple square jackolantern

The sisters in North 2 Zone have a great time on P day here and in the following pictures carving
pumpkins in Sister Lechner and Sister Fedotovas apartment

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                                                   Sister Acuna is reminded of the first vision
                                                   on their hike.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The sisters show joy in having ALL CELESTIAL APARTMENTS!!!!!!!!!!

Sisters Clement (AZ), Martell(California), White( USA), Castagna(Connecticut), with Sister Moss K., and Sister Carrazzoni(Brazil) preparing the music.
Sisters      Thawornniwat(Thailand)

President Risenmay greets the sisters with a handshake and a welcome .

Sisters greet each other for Zone Conference as Sister Hintz(New Mexico),  and Bates(Texas)Sister demonstrate.

Sister Su(China), Sister Merling(Georgia), and SisterYang(Taiwan),
Toyosato(Japan), Sister Dale(Georgia), and Sister Wagner(AZ/Mexico) in
the Wasatch room of the JSMB.

          President Bateman and President Mulford taught from Doctrine and  Covenants                                                                                 Law of Witnesses For October Zone Conference 2017

Sister Silva leads as Sister Ransom plays for  t+Thursdays Zone Conference

R to L is Sister Fawsett, Sister Madeau, Sister Wendt, Sister Allen, Sister Pohosrinne,
Sister Crawford, and Sister Aguilar.

Sisters Stand to cheer their own "Celestial" apartments!