Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Elder Skanchey (the judge) demonstates how he kept the sisters budgets in line

The Walkers,(new),  Sister and Pres. Risenmay and the Skancheys (leaving).
August was Sr Couple appreciation dinner .

Our pianist for the musical number, Sister Moss (New Mexico).

A group of sisters sang,"  Till We Meet Again" for the Sr. Dinner.Sister Sine (California), Sister Todd (Virginia), Sister Pohjosrinne (Canada),
Sister Hahl (Germany), Sister Moses (Texas), Sister Radcliff (Texas).

The Geddeses  (leaving), Heesche (leaving), Batemans, and Slades.

The Mulfords, The Spencers, The Mathews (new) and the Cooks (new).

Pres. and Sister Risenmay speak to the Sr. Missionaries.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Have we shown you our entire mission lately?  As of July 2017.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sister Matheney (Texas). and Sister Wendt (Germany) help sort the
clothing at DI Service Project

Sister Pierre(Brazil) and Sister Wilford have a goof off moment!!

Sister Davis (Idaho), Sister Richins (Arizona), Sister Fedotova (Ukraine), and Sister Shamlian(Virginia)
working so hard at DI

ook at all the friends found by Sisters Mariano (Brazil) , Geng (China),Heesch (California), Chang (Taiwan), Torres  (L(Mexico),  Liu L.(China)

Sister Shumway (Hawaii), and Fang (Taiwan) find some beautiful things to bless our homes!!!

Sisters Murillo (Honduras), Liu L (China), Martell (California), and Cahyaningtias (Indonesia) are ready to perform!!!

Sister Heesch (California) , Sister Murillo (Honduras), Sister Cahyaningtyas (Indonesia), Sister Martell (California)welcomeyou to join them in song!!!

Sister Parker (California) and Sister Dolbin (MIchigan)

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sister Josephsen (Marshall Islands),  Sister Fernandez (Argentina), Sister ??, and Sister Bablitz (Florida) help
with sorting food and other goods for their July service project!

Sisters Wu (China), Sister Jannsen (Brazil), Sister Cardona (Argentina), Sister Gillis (Texas), and
Sister Hahl  (Texas) wait at the Trax stop to go on a service project.

We have Book of Mormon s in BRAILLE.!   This is only one of   8    notebooks that make up the entire Book of Mormon for the blind.....yes you read that correctly....8 of these make one complete Book of Mormon!!!  (The others are under the

We come from all over!!!!!

Our best examples of service in the mission.....Pres. and Sister Risenmay

Thursday, August 31, 2017

 Sister De Sousa (Sweden), and Sister Zeller (Massachusetts)
warn that too much corn pickin' can result in uniCORN syndrome!

Zone South1 at their service project,  "Youth Garden"

Sister Maccababbad  Philippines and Sister Yosida (Mexico) join in help at the "Youth Garden"
pulling weeds and harvesting corn that will be part of the youths lunches!

Sister Oeser conducts the Mission Purpose July 2017 in Relief Society.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sisters Ashton, Josephson, Troncoso, and Botcha went with the Batemans to speak at a Cottonwood ward.
Sister Ashton and Troncoso spoke about the referral cards used on the square.  Sister Troncoso also told about
how she decided upon going on a mission.  It boiled down to her decision to express how much she loved the Lord
by serving a mission.  Sister Botcha and Josephson spoke on the Restoration and how that is the primary topic taught
on the square after introduction to the Lord, our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Sister Crawford and Sister Pincock do a roleplay at R.S.
Happy Birthday to all our August Birthdays!!!!!!

Sisters enjoy the Geddeses eclipse shot

Sisters Dale, Radcliff, Murillo, Geng Davis, watch the eclipse. 

Sister Rougeau, Sister Stout, and Sister Andrus exclaim, "We can even see some stars!!!"

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Pres. Risenmay teaches the sisters how to safely use the eclipse glasses for tomorrows event.

The sisters are amazed at the show...they noticed the temperature cooled, the shadows lightened, and their scence of communing with nature was heightened!  Amazing day!!

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Sister Andrus (Alaska), Stout (Oregon), Sister Evans(Mexico), and Sister Campaner(France/Spain) take a moment to
see Elder and Sister Geddes' picture of the Eclipse!

Some of the departing sisters with Elder and Sister Cook

The sisters love this part....They make a wish for the future, then send their balloons up through
    the glass ceiling, which theyve opened for them, thenwatch them fly into space...
L to R  Sisters Morales (Guatemala), Tripptree (Australia), Shum (Taiwan), Herr (Germany),Zeng (Taiwan),
Fischer (Germany), Da Luz (Brazil) Monsalvo (Mexico)

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sister Torres (Mexico) and Sister Chang (Taiwan)
West 2 Zone spent their time at D.I. sorting  and serving however the
store needed them to...these sisters were in charge or sorting stuffed animals into colors

Service Projects...a very important part of
                                   Missionary Service.  They are assigned up to four hours at a certain                                                   predetermined site once a transfer, to pull weeds,  sort items, serve up the
                             homeless, rake rocks, plant plants, paint garages and curbs, or anything else
                             the Sr. Couple (in this case the Heeschs) can get approved by the presidency
                             to do.  The blog will be dotted with pictures of their hard working experiences
                             due to the fact that the sisters are only allowed to email in their pictures to the
                             blog on their own P-day.  We'll show you when we get them!!!!!
Our new Relief Society President, Sister Newlin,  and her Counselor (Companion),  Sister Burke.

 The Sisters have access to many less requested Book of Mormons in exotic languages most of
us have never heard of before.
Examples:   Amharic, Aymara, Bikolano, Cakchiquel, Chuukese, Efik, Guarani, Igbo, Ilokano, Kekchi,
Kiribati, Kisii, Mam, Niuean, Palauan, Quichua, Sinhala, Tzotil, Urdu, Waray, Xhosa, Yoruba.

These are just a few.....did you recognize any of them?
Yes, we know the Lord God loves his children, and they are ALL  important to Him.
The WORD will be introduced to ALL nations and to ALL people in their own tongue.

Friday, August 18, 2017

 throw back from May ish!!!

                                          These were the May birthdays   lots of them!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sister Herr-Germany, and Sister Monsalvo Mexico pose a moment with Elder and Sister Heesch
whom we love so much!!!!



                            LET'S SEE  ABOUT SOME SERVICE PROJECTS!!!!!!!!!!!

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                          Sister Glanzer from Washington gets the prize for biggest root pulled
                          at Elder and Sister Spencers home in Bluffdale where the sisters went to
                          do some gardening work for their service project!!!   They will reap the
                           benefits when the garden starts producing!!

        South One went to Murray Park to paint
         Curbs...pictured L to R are Sisters Pazos,
         Mexico, Frenkel,Germany, Hinkey-Oregon,
         Ete-Australia, Tse-Hong Kong, Yang Y.-China.
         Other sisters in the Zone are...Troncoso,           Ashton (Zone Leader), Blocker, Ackley, Thaworniwat,Skouson, Smith M., Yoshida Field, Dornelas, Rispress, Zellar, De Sousa.

Sister Yang Y. had a hole in her glove!!!!!