Friday, September 26, 2014

Preparing Lunch to Welcome Outbound Sisters

Sisters Jamito, Palmer, Escobedo, Stephen, Heuea

Sisters Taito and Park help Sister Bradshaw slice grapes for Chicken Salad 

Sisters Barrett and Magidson wash lettuce with great enthusiasm!

Sisters Ferguson and Skaggs just had to join in the fun!

Lending moral support for the occasion is Sisters Moore, Tanner, Cuevas and Wog.

Sisters Cuevas, Spichiger, and Tanner pass through the lunch room and pause to smile at the camera

Sister Burgoyne shares a letter with Sister Ma.  Wonder what was in it? 


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Excitement In The Air! ITS TRANSFER TIME !!

29 Excited Sisters hear about their outbound assignments!

Last District Meeting of the Transfer

Tabernacle Choir says Good-Bye to our Sisters. We will miss you Sister Lo, Sister Ogata, Sister Millares, Sister Li, and Sister Ranama

You served us well as Asst. Sister Briggs. Here she is enjoying the Spoken Word with Sister Occulier.

Sister Orndal

Sister H. Chen

Sister Morales

Sister Yeung

Sister Skaggs

Sister Gee

Sister Ioane

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fall is in the air....Time to Hasten the Harvest

Temple Square is beautiful day and night.....and all seasons of the year.     Check out the beautiful fountain in front of the Church Office Building.    When it is on , it the the same shape as the spires on the Temple.    We can feel Fall in the air.  Soon the gardens will be changed to the winter planting and we will see hundreds of volunteers helping the gardeners plant the next plants that will bloom in the Spring.  

 Happy Birthday to President Poulsen!!   We were all happy to share your birthday cake and ice cream!   Thank you for all of your great leadership and love for all of us!

The Red Coats are coming!! Sister Taito, Sister Howell and Sister Lucas

Sister Saet and Sister Tanjaranthem

Welcome to our new Senior glad to have you join us on Temple Square!!  Above are Elder and Sister Bradshaw from Arizona   and
On the right is a picture of Elder and Sister Moore who are from Utah.  Sister Moore was born in Australia, so she gets to wear an Aussie flag.

And the works goes on rain or shine......................................

Sister Stufflebean, Sister Hansen, Sister Lytle and Sister Khaomuangnoi at work, regardless of the weather
Sister Fluckiger

Sister Shih

Sister Hadzik

Sister Wiedmann

Sister Hirro 

Sister Desjoury

Last announcing turn for Sister Ranama who is going home next week.  Great job Sister Ranama!!

Sister Nyguen

Sister Moreno

Sister Mahoney

Sister Yu

Sister CasaGrande
Elder and Sister Curtis are headed home this week to Arizona....this will be our last Blog entry from our mission. .   We have loved serving with all of you wonderful Sisters, and we will long remember you.   We will especially miss our good friends Elder and Sister Frost.....

29 Sisters received their assignments for outbound today.  They will be gone for 2 transfers, or about 12 weeks. Lots of excitement on Temple Square this week!