For New Missionaries

What you need to know......
You have been called to a most unique mission.  Temple Square has sisters from all over the world; from approximately 50 different countries and speaking many different languages.  Temple Square missionaries also teach people from all over the world both in the visitor center teaching centers and on Temple Square.  We know you will love your service here.
For Sister Missionaries....
Study Materials:  Your personal study will be focused on materials in the missionary library.  This consists of the Standard Works, Preach My Gospel, Jesus the Christ, Our Heritage, Our Search for Happiness and True to the Faith. Please do not bring other books outside of the missionary library.
You will need to learn the history of Temple Square, therefore you will also study the  Temple Square Site Guide  This will be available upon your arrival and  contains in-depth historical information about the Salt Lake City Temple, the Tabernacle, the Assembly Hall and the Christ Statue  along with other buildings and monuments

Dress & Grooming: Salt Lake City is known for its diverse weather patterns. We advise that you bring an equal amount of clothing suited for all four seasons. If still unsure of what you need to bring, keep in mind that nothing worn should distract the guests from your missionary name tag and your smile, as they both clearly state your purpose as a personal representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Missionary Handbook states (p.10): "Appropriate dress and grooming will help you earn respect and trust. Your appearance is often the first message others receive, and it should support what you say."
More specific information can be obtained in “Guidelines for Sister Missionaries at (see link below)
Documents:  You will need to have photo ID, driver’s license (if eligible to drive),  passport and immunization records in hand on the day of your arrival into the mission.  These will be given to the mission secretary and kept for you during your service in the Temple Square Mission. 

For Parents....
Correspondence:  Each missionary is expected to write her parents once a week on preparation day and may correspond with other family members and friends as time allows.  Preparation days are assigned by zone so this day will change depending on the zone that the missionary will be assigned to at any one time. The mission address will remain the same while the missionary is on Temple Square but will change when a missionary goes on an "outbound" assignment.  Correspondence by e-mail, letter or telephone contact with those of the opposite gender living within the Salt Lake City area is not allowed. 

Visits from Family and Friends:  Sisters often meet family and friends on Temple Square. Mission policy dictates that sister missionaries can take members of their immediate family around Temple Square on a 1 hour tour and go out for a 1 hour lunch or dinner during normal mealtime hours. This is limited to one time for their mission per family member or group of family members. Immediate family includes parents, siblings and grandparents only. No other family members or friends should schedule tours with sisters they may know. 

Emergencies:  Please do not telephone your missionary directly. If there is a need to get immediate information to her, please call the mission office at 801-240-2011. The office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 PM Mountain Time.

Medical Care/Insurance:   If your missionary has special medical or physical needs, we encourage you to notify us ahead of time of the situation and of the treatment and care required. In the event your missionary is seriously injured in any way while serving, we will notify you immediately. When medical attention is required, the church authorizes payment through Missionary Medical and they will settle with your insurance company. If you have insurance, make sure your missionary has all necessary documentation with her. Missionary Medical will not pay care due to any pre-existing conditions or prescriptions required for pre-existing conditions. If your missionary will need ongoing care or prescriptions for pre-existing conditions, please make arrangements for these to be paid for with insurance and funds from home while they are serving. The mission office needs to be informed of your insurance information.  If the insurance information changes while your missionary is service, please provide the office with updated information.

General Information....

Meals:  Missionaries are responsible for purchasing and preparing their own food so it will be helpful know how to plan and prepare simple meals.  All missionaries are given a reasonable amount of money to spend each month for food but knowing how to budget wisely will be very important.               `

We look forward to meeting you!