Thursday, June 26, 2014

Farewell to a wonderful group of sisters who have finished their missions. Great job Sisters! We will miss you!!

A fond farewell to this group of special sisters.  We will miss you greatly!    Sister Walsh, Sister Mahilum, Sister Opeda, Sister Hillam, Sister Muli, Sister Bahr, Sister Takahashi and Sister Ichimaru

It was great to see the Cummings family from Hawaii!!

Sister Gee...who is staying luckily, with Sisters Takahashi, Bahr and Muli

Great Temple Square Co-ordinaters

Our new Assistant to the President, Sister Briggs ,(middle) with Sister Garcia  and Sister Ordonez

Elder Skanchy , Sister Takahashi and President Harman

Transfer Weeks are always exciting on Temple Square... We welcomed wonderful new sisters..and said tearful goodbye to Sisters who served well and have gone home

Sister Lau from Hong Kong  and
 her trainer Sister Hirro
 Meet our great new sisters and their trainers.............

Sister Noguera  from Georgia/Brazil and her trainer
Sister Mathias

Sister Timoteo  and her trainer Sister Snow

Sister H. Chen  from China//Australia
 and her Trainer Sister Ichikawa

Sister Ennis from Oregon and her trainer Sister Bernhardt

Sister Juntilla from the Philippines and her trainer Sister Kuo

Sister Guedea from Texas and her trainer Sister Barros

Sister Campeto from Brazil and her trainer Sister Morales

Sister Nguyen from Vietnam and her trainer Sister Jin

Sister Merrill from Idaho and her trainer Sister Davis

Sister Caramia from Italy and her trainer Sister Balledos

Sister  Tuckett from Oklahoma and her trainer Sister Moran

Trainer Sister Jensen with her new companion Sister Burgoyne from Pennsylvania

Sister Radamason from Madagascar and her trainer Sister Ngo

This is a great looking group...ready to hasten the work on
Temple Square!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer is here and so are the tour buses...busy times on Temple Square!

Sister Arrieta

Sister Melone

Sister Sherratt

Sister Shih

Sister Spichiger

Sister Ogata

Sister Richmond

Sister Bennett and Sister Rhodes

Sister Andre and Sister Lee

Sister Moran and Sister Reed

Sister Thacker, Sister Bennett, Sister Heuea, and Elder Skanchy

Sister Opeda

Sister Mahilum

Sister Huang

Sister Hillam

Sister Muli

We were so glad to meet the Reed Family when they came to visit.....Great Missionary you have!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mission Tour and Special Speakers come to Temple Square

On May 15th we were excited to have Sister Sheri Dew come to Relief Society and  speak to us about women and the priesthood.   She was inspiring and a great example of a woman who is powerful because she uses the blessings of the priesthood

Elder Don R. Clarke of the First Quorum of the Seventy  and his wife, MaryAnn, came for mission tour and did and EXCEPTIONAL job of inspiring us to convert, not just baptize.


A big Thank You to Wren Rummler and her friend for helping prepare our good lunch on Mission Tour days!!

Another great treat was having three   Professional Golfers come to Relief Society.  They inspired us with their testimonies and showed us how 3 valiant women can make a difference in the world by 
organizing a charity to end blindness from cataracts in Zimbawbwe.    You can tell by the pictures who excited the sisters were to meet Lollie, Reve and Cecile.    Thank you so much for coming!!

But everyday is great on Temple Square......

Sisters Bailey and Thacker are taking good care of the Beehive house this transfer.