Thursday, April 30, 2015


April 30, 2015

President Harman had mission-wide security training in place of Relief Society, and as always brings us muffins. He is so kind. Our special guest was Brother Rick Spencer from Security.  Basic rules of safety were discussed as well as what to do in different unsafe and life threatening situations such as earthquakes, tornadoes, flooding, etc.  We were promised that if we followed all the safety rules that were presented to us we would be protected and President Harmon referred us to D&C 38:30.

Monday, April 27, 2015


April 27, 2015

For Relief Society last Thursday Sister Melanie Cottam, Manager of Visiting Center Operations and Elders Kay and Billings visited us from the missionary department to teach us about our purpose as missionaries.

Sister Diaz opened our meeting singing ''Daughter of a King'' in her native language while she played the guitar assisted by Sister Melone.  Elder Billings, Sister Cottam and Elder Kay is behind Sister Diaz.

Elder Billings began by asking us to listen with our heart to the things that would be taught today. Before a tour or while talking to a visitor on Temple Square ask yourself:  What does God desire 
for _____________?  (person you are engaged with at the time).  Then he went through several scenarios or situations that people were experiencing themselves as they were visiting Temple Square.

What does God desire for Betty who lost her husband and has questions about Joseph Smith? Several suggestions were given by the Sisters such as taking her through God's Plan and talking about eternal marriage and families.  Elder Billings said, ''What God wants for Betty and all His children is eternal life''.  What can we teach Betty to help her get on the road to eternal life?  Elder Billings emphasized that instead of thinking what we are going to say, listen to people with our hearts and then ask for the Holy Ghost to tell you what to teach and what to say.  Don't meet and talk to anyone with preconceived ideas about them. 
Elder Billings pointed out that Moses 1:39 answers what God wants for His children--And this is my work and my glory to bring to pass the eternal life of man.  Everything we say and do--the resources we use on Temple Square--are all so that we can help Heavenly Father's children gain eternal life.  That is the end of all we do and everything else is a means to the end.  It is very important to have the end in mind when we talk to anyone on Temple Square or in the Teaching Center where we talk to people who have questions about the church.  How can we help anyone on the path to eternal life? 
2Nephi 31:2-11 tells us to talk more about the Doctrine of Christ for this is the path that leads to eternal life. 
 Our purpose is to help others have faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement, repent, desire to be baptized, receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost and endure to the end. Seek to understand the Doctrine of Christ and apply it.  

Friday, April 24, 2015


April 24, 2015

Yesterday Returning Outbound Sisters and our New Sisters from the MTC received ipad training from President Loos and Elder Bradshaw.  They were instructed on Safeguards for Using Technology and Missionary Work in the Digital Age.  Today, sisters attending this training were given their ipads and Elder Bradshaw helped them to set them up.  The sisters are excited to have ipads as part of their missionary tools for teaching the gospel on Temple Square.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


April 13, 2015

Transfer Conference began at 7am. Zones met at different places, and received their new transfer information. At 7:30 all sisters gathered in the Assembly Hall to listen to the departing sisters give some advice to the rest of the sisters and also share their testimonies. Sisters Jin and O’Dell played ‘’I Am A Child of God’’ on the flute.  President and Sister Poulsen shared some insights with the departing sisters. With Sister Jin’s release our new AP is Sister Dutra from Brazil.  Sister Bomgren will continue to serve as an AP.  Sister Dicent is our new Relief Society President.  Zone council was held immediately after our Transfer Conference.
Sister Bomgren conducts Transfer Conference.
Thoughts shared at Transfer Conference from the departing sisters:
-Love should be the motivating factor in all we do—Love Lord, love companion, love work.
-Change the way we pray—don’t give counsel but receive counsel from the Lord.
-Trust in the Lord and forget self.  By trusting Him we can be strong.
-The Savior helps us change. Apply the atonement in your life daily.      
-Do right thing for the right reason.  Don’t do things to look good and impress others but do things to bring others to Christ.  
-Forget your weaknesses and go to work.
-Each of us has a special light so don’t compare but be confident.
-Smile, you’re loved by our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ.
-If it’s not true, kind or necessary don’t say it.
-Focus on overall instead of every single action and you will love everyone around you.
-Be excited about the message we bring.
-Your mission is about developing relationships: Put God first, others and then self; love and serve completely; live one day at a time and let Jesus Christ be the focus. 
-Never let discouragement weaken your faith.
-Stay close to the tree (tree of life); hang in not principle of Jesus Christ, it’s enduring to the end. When we make covenants there is no turning back.
-Always have hope, don’t give up on hope.  Love companion and you will love your mission. Always ‘’enjoy’’ to the end and not just endure to the end.
-John 5:30- listen to each other. Don’t assume you have the best idea. Don’t be possessed by position or possessions. Know thyself and best way is to know God.


 Sister Dutra was called as our new AP and Sister Bomgren will continue to serve as AP. We will miss Sister Jin's leadership.




Returning Outbound Sisters gather to enjoy a luncheon with President and Sister Poulsen and share some things they learned on their outbound mission and how they can apply it at Temple Square.

An from Georgia Macon Mission, Bryuzgina from Washington Spokane, Bulaoat from Nevada Reno, Burgoyne from California San Fernando, Caramia from Wisconsin Milwaukee, H.Chen from Texas San Antonio, Desjourdy from Lousiana Baton Rouge, Ennis from Nevada Reno, Hernandez from Wisconsin Milwaukee, Huang from Ohio Columbus, Hubner from Georgia Macon Mission, Ioane from Idaho Nampa, Lau from Nevada Reno, Lee from Wisconsin Milwaukee, Linares from New York Utica, Merrill from Lousiana Baton Rouge, Nguyen from Virginia Richmond, Nogueira from Idaho Nampa, Oh from Washington Federal Way, Radamason from Arizona Scottsdale, Rangel-de Oliveira from California San Diego, Skaggs from Virginia Richmond, Timoteo from Georgia Macon Mission, Toa from Montana Billings and Tuckett from Idaho Nampa.

Our Wonderful African Sisters from South Africa, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe!!!


April 10, 2015 - Our Mission Wide Photo

Thursday, April 9, 2015


April 4-5th

April General Conference time has arrived and Temple Square is like a beehive as we prepare ourselves to meet the crowds that will come to conference and also to Temple Square.  Our Sister Missionaries are so excited to find ‘’the one’’ that the Lord has prepared to hear the gospel message.  Prayers have been offered for effective missionary work to take place and for people’s hearts to be softened and prepared to hear the gospel message. 

Spring has also arrived at Temple Square.  The tulips, daffodils and pansies are in full bloom as are the Japanese Cherry Trees and a variety of other flowers and trees.  The sun is out, the temperature in the 70’s and it is a perfect Easter day as we celebrate the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

                          CONFERENCE PICTURE ALBUM

Lunches and dinners were delivered and provided by members in 4 wonderful Stakes in the surrounding area.  This was arranged by President Loos.  Sisters helped carry the food in and had 20 minute lunch and dinners to have more time on the Square.  President Harman bought breakfasts from Costco and each sister was allowed one of each item: fruit, trail mix, protein bar and a water bottle.  We so appreciate the service given to us by these wonderful members and President Harmon to feed our sisters during Conference.

 Now that General Conference is over this next week is ''Deep Clean'' week as we get ready for transfers on the 15th.  Sisters will get a 5 hour block of time to give a thorough cleaning to their ovens, stoves, clean out the refrigerator, scrub baseboards and bathrooms and declutter their living area.  When they are done their apartment will be inspected by one of the senior couples serving at temple square. 
Sisters Christensen, Menzie, Kruse and Ryan are ready to tackle Deep Clean!
 Sisters Tuilealilfano, Fisco, Mere, Pichardo, Bon and Leavitt are so happy to pass inspection!