Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Toodle Loo We Miss You!

Transfer Conference!

We were so blessed to have to once in a lifetime opportunity to have Michael McLean come to our Transfer Conference! He is so wonderful and we all love him.

Sister Soum (Cambodia), Sister Puttapong (Thailand), Sister Boatright (USA), Michael McLean, Sister Magaoay (USA), Sister Lee (USA) and Sister Fonoifu'a (USA/Tonga).

Michael McClean

Sister Intriago (Ecuador), Sister Elliott (USA),
Sister Laine (Finland) and Sister Manuera (Kiribati)
Sisters Mingling 

Sister Elliott (USA), Sister Thulasidass (India),
Sister Hittrich (Canada) and Sister Vaivai (New Zealand)
Sister Stolp (USA) and
Sister Chadderton (New Zealand)
Michael McLean, Sister Silverio (Dominican Republic)
and Sister Larson (USA)
Sister Finau (Tonga), Sister Magaoay (USA), Sister Thulasidass (India), Sister Dizon (Philippines), Sister Hittrich (Canada), Sister Hvistendahl (Greenland), Michael McLean, Sister Reniva (Philippines), Sister Mendoza (Mexico) and Sister Chewacheo (Philippines).

Goodbye to all of the wonderful Sisters who are going outbound to serve in another mission for couple of transfers! We miss you and good luck!

Sister Fredrickson is approved to go to California!
President Gillette, President Seppi and Elder Skanchy.

Good bye sisters who are returning home! You have fought a good fight! We love you and are so thankful for all the work you have done here.

Sister and President Gillette, Sister Intriago (Ecuador), Sister Roy (USA), Sister  Casteneda (Philippines), Sister Aranda (Mexico) and Sister Soum (Cambodia). Also, the Assistants to the President, Sister Schiaffi (Austrailia), Sister Richardson (Scotland) and Sister Hinton (USA).

With Love,
Temple Square Blogger