Thursday, October 25, 2012

One Year Older & Wiser Too!

This month brought around a very special event.  President Gillette had a birthday!  He works so hard for all of us here at Temple Square, and we love him so much.  To celebrate, all of the sisters marked their favorite verses in a brand new set of scriptures for President Gillette.  
We hope he puts them to good use!  

Happy birthday President!

What time is it? - Transfer Time!

Transfers bring a lot of changes - one of best is that we start seeing new faces around Temple Square!  This transfer, we received 22 new and motivated sisters from all over the world.

  Sister Almonte (Mexico!)
   Trained by Sister Ha

 Sister Back (FINLAND!!)
  Trained by Sister Dominic

Sister Bardin (USA - Arkansas!)
Trained by Sister Kang

Sister Doraiswamy (India!)
Trained by Sister Beller

 Sister Flores (Honduras!)
Trained by Sister Abellan                                                        

Sister Fonoifua (USA - California!)
Trained by Sister Barnett

 Sister Freitas (USA - California!)   
                Trained by Sister Nelson

 Sister Hittrich (Canada!)
Trained by Sister Richards

Sister Hoyt (USA - California!)                 Trained by Sister Federovych

 Sister Imangazi (Kazakhstan!)
       Trained by Sister Senkane

Sister Jump (USA - Florida!)
Trained by Sister Druker

Sister Nilsson (Sweden!)
Trained by Sister Chewacheo 

Sister Phagwah (Guyana!!)
Trained by Sister Palmer

Sister Reniva (Philippines!)
Trained by Sister Edmond

Sister Silverio (Dominican Republic!)
Trained by Sister Hee

Sister Simons (USA - North Carolina!)
Trained by Sister Behrndt

Sister Shumway (USA - Arizona!)
Trained by Sister Williams
Sister Stolp (USA - California!)
Trained by Sister Bowden

Sister Vassar (USA - South Dakota!)
Trained by Sister Davis

Sister Whisler (USA - Nevada!)
Trained by Sister Levchenko

 Sister Zanella (Brazil!)
Trained by Sister Espanto
Sister Wettingfeld (USA - Florida!)
Trained by Sister Albanes!

One of the hardest changes at transfer time is that we have to say goodbye to some of our dear friends.  But good news is they are only an email or letter away!  These fantastic sisters will be great mothers, leaders, and just about anything else they set their minds to.  

 God be with you 'till we meet again!

Posted By: Sister Vach

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Conference Time!!

It's that time of the year again!  
The time when the weather starts to change, the boots are dusted off, and we get to hear from a living prophet and apostles!  General Conference was once again a memorable experience for all of us here at Temple Square.    We met thousands of amazing people, were spiritually fed, our bellies were filled with yummy treats from local stakes, and we received many referrals to start teaching!

We "planted" many seeds and hope to help them grow and be ready to "harvest" by next General Conference in April! 


 Saturday & Sunday were sure busy for us, but we enjoyed every minute.  
 The days were long, but oh so good.  If you haven't heard or read any of General Conference this year, we invite you to do so!  
You won't be sorry :)

Posted By: Sister Vach