Welcome to the Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission


The Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is within 35 acres in the heart of Salt Lake City. It is not only a Visitors Center for guests to visit, but a Mission, inviting all to come closer to Our Savior. It includes three historical pioneer buildings and two visitors center buildings. The mission also includes other nearby venues: the Beehive House, Welfare Square, and the Humanitarian Center. The Temple Square Mission (TSM) is blessed with approximately 200 sisters and 4 senior couples from about 50 countries, speaking around 45 languages and representing all parts of the world. Temple Square is a baptizing mission; teaching all 50 states and approximately 80 countries all over the world. Referrals are given to missions that cover the earth.

The mission also finds investigators through the computer and calling systems located in the North Visitor Center and basement of the South Visitor Center that we called teaching centers. There they are able to find people through inbound calls received from Mormon.org and media referrals, as well as calling outbound to member and investigator referrals - anywhere around the world that allows missionaries. They are also able to find people on Mormon.org chats that come through.  "Headquarters" referrals, where guests self-choose to receive further information, are now a major source of investigators.  

Millions of visitors come to temple square yearly representing nearly all nations. Guests are warmly greeted and offered to be shown around in the respective languages by the sister missionaries and senior couples. Tour buses arrive on Temple Square frequently, bringing guests in large groups, also being guided, taught, and invited to learn more about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ by the sister missionaries. Guests are instructed with a blend of pioneer heritage, basic gospel beliefs, and sharing of strong witnesses of the truth of the gospel. Stakes and wards are able to come and customize Temple Square visits. Youth from wards and stakes all around the area can also come to Temple Square to experience and participate in a Called to Serve program, where full time missionary work is encouraged.

After about 6 months, the majority of the sister missionaries have the opportunity to receive a call from the First Presidency to serve for a time in another mission in the United States. After their service, they return to Temple Square for the remainder of their missions.

Temple Square has the privilege to help uplift the image of the church while working to receive referrals and help teach the gospel of Jesus Christ that blesses the lives of Heavenly Father’s children throughout the world, bringing many souls unto Christ through baptism.

Because of the dedication and spirit of the sister missionaries on Temple Square, coupled with the rich legacy of the pioneer’s sacrifice, guests who visit can leave feeling the love of the Savior. It is always a blessing to come to Temple Square. 

The role of TSM Missionaries is to help each potential investigator have a converting experience. Utilizing the many resources on Temple Square and the Fundamentals from PMG, TSM missionaries teach the basic principles and doctrines of the Church and testify of the divinity of Jesus Christ and the true nature of our relationship with our Father in Heaven.