Monday, March 12, 2012

Birthdays on the Square!
February and March

February Birthdays:
Sisters Richardson, Carter, Fong, Gehrig and Tahi

President Gillette handing out Birthday Cookies!

March Birthdays:
(Back row) Sisters King, Burns, Bryers, Savage, Armstrong and Fang
(Front row) Sisters Fleginskaya, Au-Yeung, Kaberry, Munoz and Mauga 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

             The Things we do on Temple Square!

New Study Journals!  Back row: Sisters Bryers, Brickley, Gehrig, Cool, Rojas, Nichols, Calderwood
Middle row: Sisters Matsuoka, Rohner, Dotterer, Platt, Rozas
Front row: Mata'utia, Lui, Fong, Larsen

The Assistants: Sisters Mata'utia and Bryers

Sisters Fleginskaya and Robayo

Sisters Lake, Daniilakis, Dieujuste, and Kealamakia in the Referral Center

Sister Aranda

Sisters Cardita and Oyarzabal

Sisters Larson and Hinton love each other

Sisters Vukinamualevu and West 

Sisters Fang, Beller and Pickrel

Sisters Martin and Itohara

Sisters Vukinamualevu and West

Sister Mokalake and Boatright

(Below) Sisters Holliday and Intriago contacting!

Office Assistants! Sisters Lane and Elliott

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Super Support Team!

 President Harman

 President Seppi

 Elder Skanchy

 Sister Horne

Elder and Sister Ward                 

Elder and Sister Palmer

Elder and Sister Moore