Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fantastic Film Maker, T.C. Christensen, Entertains & Inspires Mission

Sisters gather for Mission for  surprise speaker

Film maker T.C. Christensen shows
his film the "Only a Stone-cutter"

T.C. is very entertaining and inspirational as he explains how his films were made

Mission gets "kicked out" of North Visitors as sisters continue to want pictures and autographs

T.C. mobbed after his presentation

As we leave beautiful Temple Square the Temple Shines

Just Fun Temple Square Pictures

As husband prays she sees
 Seagulls from Heaven!

Welcome to Temple Square - you will love the tour!

How many new sisters are coming????

Tabernacle Choir honors departing sisters

Sisters stand as audiences applaud them for their service

Large Groups Tours Rule!

Last Zone Conference before transfers

Sisters Frietas & Tanner sing to their tour


Transfer Announcements - then screams!

President Gillette recolonizes and welcomes new sisters
This is hard - home bound sisters share testimony

"I love this sisters"
Mission sings "Called to Serve" to departing sisters

 Pres. thanks Sister Smith and Welcomes Sister Fredrickson as our new assistant
Sister Fredrickson thanks sisters

Sister Smith gives powerful testimony of service

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hooray For More Sisters!!

Sister Zhang from China with Sisters Takahashi and Jump
Sister Lam from Utah/China with Sister Ellis from Singapore

Sister Barrett from California with Sister Silverio from the Dominican Republic

Sister Lee from Utah/South Korea with Sister Walsh from England

Sister Schweizer from Kansas with Sister Loisotto from Argentina

Sister Vosaniyaqona from Fiji/Samoa/California with Sister Lee from Singapore

Sister Stephen from Nebraska with Sister Rosema from Bolivia
President and Sister Gillette with all of our Visa Waiter Sisters, Out-Bound Sisters, and Early Arrival Sisters


Stay tuned for 24 more new Sisters from the MTC and 13 more coming from....MEXICO! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Yay for Mandarin Speakers!

We got two more Mandarin speaking Sisters today! They both are serving in the New York South Mission, but will be here with us on Temple Square for a couple of transfers.

Sister Chan from Hong Kong with Sister Bailey from Colorado

Sister Chen from Taiwan with Sister Roffler from Switzerland

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Early Arriving Sisters!

President and Sister Gillette with our Four New Sisters

Sister Tanner from California with her trainer 
Sister Freitas, also from California

Sister Jarrett from Hawaii with her trainer
Sister Kim from South Korea

Sister Hardy from Arizona with her trainer 
Sister Trochez from Honduras

Sister Stolp from California with her trainee,
Sister May from Arizona