Thursday, April 26, 2012

Welcome Home!!!

President and Sister Gillette with the Sisters who have returned from outbound.

Back Row left to right - Sister Sanchez, Sister Willis, Sister Judas, Sister Zhang, Sister Imazeki, Sister Smiley, Sister Hoor, Sister Schiaffi, Sister Shamanga, Sister Tobias, Sister Nakajima.
Front Row left to right -  Sister Lo, Sister Harutyunyan, Sister Zorn, Sister Abeyta, Sister Valazquez and Sister Parra.

Time for a funny picture!

Welcome to New Sisters!

 April 25th New Sisters
Lots of states, countries and languages!
Australia, Fiji, Georgia, Hawaii, India, Latvia, Michigan, Mongolia, Philippines, South Korea, and Ukraine
Back Row: Sister Senkane, Sister Hee, Sister Repotente, Sister Enkhbaatar, Sister Gillette, 
President Gillette, Sister Druker, Sister Zommerovska, Sister Thulasidass, Sister Felsted
Middle Row: Sister Bat-Ulzii, Sister J. Kim, Sister Kang, Sister Albanes, Sister Howell
Front Row: Sister Ha, Sister Bradshaw, Sister Tukavatu, Sister Levchenko

Welcome home, Sisters! We love you all so much.
Sister Albanes - Australia

Sister  Bat-Ulzii - Mongolia

Sister Bradshaw - California

Sister Druker - Ukraine

Sister Enkhbaatar - Mongolia

Sister Felsted - Georgia

                                                              Sister Ha - Korea

Sister Hee - Hawaii

                                                         Sister Howell - Michigan

                                                           Sister Kang - Korea

 Sister Kim - Korea

Sister Levchenko - Ukraine

Sister Repotente - Philippines

                                                          Sister Senkane - Latvia

Sister Thulasidass - India

                                                          Sister Tukavatu - Fiji

                                                   Sister Zommerovska - Latvia

Homebound Sisters - Their Last Hoorah

The sisters going home shared their testimonies.
 Their experiences.
 Their miracles.

The whole mission standing up to sing
Called To Serve, all THREE verses!

 Giving our sisters a standing ovation for their remarkable service.

 All the beautiful homebound sisters on their last day at the Temple.
Thank you for your example, your testimonies, and your service!
Back Row: Sister Holliday, Sister Oyarzabal, Sister Nichols, 
Sister Harris, Sister Rohner, Sister Kleine
Front Row: President Gillette, Sister Wilson, Sister Lautiki, 
Sister Bryers, Sister Mata'utia, Sister Robayo

 They worked hard, but they know how to have fun too!

Last picture all together, right after lunch.
We will remember you all!
Back Row: President Gillette, Sister Gillette, Sister Wilson, Sister Bryers, Sister Kleine, Sister Nicholes, President Seppi, Elder Skanchy
Front Row: Sister Oyarzabal, Sister Lautiki, Sister Holliday, Sister Harris, Sister Rohner

Zone Conference at Gillette family home.

Zone Conference!!! 
April 16th - April 18th
At President and Sister Gillette's home.
Lots of learning...and LOTS of fun!

President teaching us all about his Mission President's Seminar.

Sister Williams, Sister Rhoner, Sister Nichols, Sister Rojas, Sister Harris, Sister Christensen, Sister Jung, Sister Rozas all enjoying their treats given by the ward Relief Society...

But not as much as Sister Oyarzabal, Sister Kealamakia, Sister Kaberry, and Sister Kyle.

Sister Gillette sharing all her wisdom with us. We learned about 
a FEW good things we need in life.

Faith. Endurance. Willingness.

Elder and Sister Moore teaching us how to be unified in our companionships. 

Sister Soum, Sister Holliday, Elder and Sister Palmer eating lunch together. 

Sister Davydenko, Sister Maguire, and Sister Barnett

Lounging while they eat: Sister Eggenberger, Sister Douglas, Sister Gehrig, Sister Palmer, Sister Kim and Sister Mauga. 

Sister Saili, Sister Astorga, President Gillette, and Sister Gierschke

Sister Dorff, Sister King and Sister Intriago found a nice place to eat.

Sister Bryers and Sister Smith posing 
with the Assistants - Sister Mata'utia and Sister Robayo

Beautiful smiles from Sister Jordan, Sister Chen, Sister Luo and Sister Maguire.

Can you tell that they love each other? 

Sister Sazonova, Sister Oh, Sister Smith and Sister Bryers playing at the helm.
At the left, there is actually a fireman's pole.
The sisters had a lot of fun with that too!

Role playing for Motor Coaches! Bring on the buses!

As you can see, lots of learning and lots of fun at Zone Conference!

to all who participated!