Thursday, April 26, 2012

Welcome to New Sisters!

 April 25th New Sisters
Lots of states, countries and languages!
Australia, Fiji, Georgia, Hawaii, India, Latvia, Michigan, Mongolia, Philippines, South Korea, and Ukraine
Back Row: Sister Senkane, Sister Hee, Sister Repotente, Sister Enkhbaatar, Sister Gillette, 
President Gillette, Sister Druker, Sister Zommerovska, Sister Thulasidass, Sister Felsted
Middle Row: Sister Bat-Ulzii, Sister J. Kim, Sister Kang, Sister Albanes, Sister Howell
Front Row: Sister Ha, Sister Bradshaw, Sister Tukavatu, Sister Levchenko

Welcome home, Sisters! We love you all so much.
Sister Albanes - Australia

Sister  Bat-Ulzii - Mongolia

Sister Bradshaw - California

Sister Druker - Ukraine

Sister Enkhbaatar - Mongolia

Sister Felsted - Georgia

                                                              Sister Ha - Korea

Sister Hee - Hawaii

                                                         Sister Howell - Michigan

                                                           Sister Kang - Korea

 Sister Kim - Korea

Sister Levchenko - Ukraine

Sister Repotente - Philippines

                                                          Sister Senkane - Latvia

Sister Thulasidass - India

                                                          Sister Tukavatu - Fiji

                                                   Sister Zommerovska - Latvia