Missionary Work

How We Do It.....


 The Ultimate Purpose of all group tours (all tours on Temple Square: Motor Coach, Hospitality & Small Group Tours) is to "invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end". To achieve this purpose the following expectations related to all large group tours (Hospitality and Motor Coach Tours) have been formalized. 

Expectations for all Sister Missionaries and Couples:

  1. We will be guided and directed by the Spirit as we lead large group tours so that the Spirit will touch the hearts of the people that are part of the tour.
  2. We will share our testimonies with all groups.
  3. We will share our historical information with the expectation of bridging to religious beliefs.
  4. We will answer questions that include religious information and doctrine.
  5. We will share religious information through appropriate pamphlets and cards with an emphasis upon Mormon.org
  6. We invite, promise and follow-up.
  7. We will ensure that all large group tours know that we believe in:
    • The Godhead
    • The Atonement
    • The Restoration
    • The Prophet Joseph Smith and First Vision
    • The Book of Mormon
    • The Temple and Eternal Families
    • The Prophets and Apostles of our present day and that the Priesthood has been restored.
Occasionally some large groups request a tour with just historical information without religious beliefs shared. Even for these groups we can still "bridge" based on the questions they ask and the information they are seeking. 

Teaching Centers

Temple Square Mission (TSM) Missionaries are often the investigator's first human point of contact with the church. They find people to teach from 4 main causes:
  •  Guests that walk onto Temple Square
  • People that initiate a "chat" or "phone call" from the Mormon.org Website
  • "Headquarters" Referrals and Referrals from Members or other Investigators who come to or call into Temple Square
  • People who phone in to the number found on many "pass along"  cards
Temple Square Sister Missionaries teach investigators in person on Temple Square, and remotely all over the world via phone calls, emails or chat. As soon as one is willing to receive local missionaries a referral is sent to the closest mission, in their location. The Sister Missionaries are able to continue teaching the lessons until local missionaries make contact. Because a strong bond has usually been formed with the TSM missionaries, they will continue to contact the investigator to offer encouragement, spiritual uplift and teach them till they are ready for baptisms to which their local leaders will proceed with further preparation leading up to baptism, in cases where local missionaries are unable to make frequent contact with the investigators due to certain circumstances or for areas that do not have missionaries yet. The TSM Missionaries understand that they, like the local missionaries, are part of the same work and are committed to help their investigating friends experience an enduring conversion.

Investigator Lessons

Temple Square is filled with amazing resources that can be great tools in teaching investigators for better understanding, as we are teach for understanding (PMG, p182). Missionaries from the neighboring Missions can bring their investigating friends and members to the Square, and with the help of TSM Missionaries, are able to use these resources in lessons. Sister Missionaries on Temple Square are able to have investigators from Salt Lake and, with the help of local missionaries, are able to teach their investigating friends together. 

Other Assignments

The Sisters on Temple Square have other responsibilities. They are assigned to other locations (Beehive House, Welfare Square and the Humanitarian Center) where they are able to teach the restored gospel as required.