Thursday, April 28, 2016


April 28th

Relief Society was held in Theater 1 this morning.  The lesson was taken from Henry B. Eyring’s message given at the General Women’s Conference “Trust in the Spirit That Leadeth To Do Good”.  After the lesson we all sang “Called to Serve” to our departing Sisters.

Sisters Chiu, S. Clark, Torjesen, Jarvi, Aquino, O’Dell, Bellais, Bea, David, Fraiser, Wardinsky, Bequette and her parents

The Spanish speaking Sisters on Temple Square sang a special musical number which was a tribute to their parents who sacrifice and support them while they serve a mission.

An interesting box arrived in our mail this morning.  Obviously from a florist.  Everyone gathered around wondering who the flowers were for.  It was mailed to Sister Carinote from the Philippines but no return address.  The suspense was too much so Sister O'Dell went to find Sister Carinote. Hurry, open it, we want to see!!!!! 

The flowers were from Mama Parks, the mother of Sister Parks who is on Outbound to Nevada Las Vegas Mission.

A Very Happy Sister Carinote


Saturday, April 23, 2016


April 23, 2016

The first Spanish Initiative for this year’s tourist season was held at Parkway Ward.  Elder and Sister Garvin direct this program.  It all began when the Garvin’s were called to be Visitor Center Directors in the Mexico City Mission.  Unfortunately the Visitor Center they were called to serve in closed down for ten months because of repairs so Elder Garvin developed a method to take the Visitor Center to the wards and branches in his area with permission from the brethren in Salt Lake. 

After Mexico City the Garvin’s were called to serve in Argentina and upon returning home after their mission they moved to Brigham City, Utah.  One day they got a phone call and were asked to serve another mission and their assignment was to bring this portable Visitor Center program to the Wasatch Front. The Garvin’s have been hosting this program now for over a year and will finish up the Wasatch Front area sometime later this year. 
Several Spanish Speaking Sisters from the Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission took those who attended the open house tonight at Parkway Ward on a tour like one they would receive in a Visitor Center.   It began in the chapel while looking at a large media board of The Christus.  Then we went into the Cultural Hall where several media boards were set up to explain the Apostasy and Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the boy prophet Joseph Smith.  The Plan of Happiness and modern day apostles and prophets who lead and guide Jesus Christ church today were also teachings that were presented to those in attendance. It was an inspiring evening! 

 Elder and Sister Garvin and Elder and Sister Bradshaw

Temple Square Sister Missionaries teach the message of the "Restoration"  

 Sisters Romero and Exposito

 Sisters Mozos and Samame

 Sister Davies (Canada) and Sister Nuon (Cambodia) love serving on Temple Square!!
Sister Rivas (Panama) and Sister Johnny (Micronesia)

Sister Bellais from French Polynesia


Thursday, April 21, 2016


April 21, 2016

Sister Maria Luisa Torres, Relief Society General Board Member, visited Temple Square Relief Society to present the lesson in Relief Society today.  Her purpose was to tell us about the organization of Relief Society, how we fit in and inspire us to commit to be faithful and involved sisters in Relief Society.  She shared several personal stories about her life that endeared us to her.  We felt blessed to have been able to spend some time with her this morning.
Sister Torres served a full-time mission in Central America.  She served with her husband when he was mission president of the Guatemala North Mission.  Sisters Dufour (France) Azucena (Philippines) is our Relief Society presidency. 
Sisters Rivas(Chile) and Mendez(Spain) meet Sister Torres after Relief Society


Thursday, April 14, 2016


Zone Conference was held this week with half the mission going on Tuesday the 12th and the rest going on Thursday the 14th.  Our focus was on Chapter 9 from Preach My Gospel-“Finding”.  

President Risenmay teaches us about duty, obedience and choices made at critical moments in our lives and the ripple effect of those choices

Everyone gathers in the cultural hall for a morning break of trail mix and mandarin oranges


Sisters Azucena, Gattud, Bodota, Paa, Sapera, Carinote, Albos, Fernandez, Villar, Espanto and Mones 
We all sang "Called to Serve" to Elder & Sister Burton who will be departing their mission Apr. 20th

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


General Conference is an exciting time on Temple Square.  The Sisters anxiously await both member and non member visitors and always have a uplifting message to share with both visitors.  Those who don't get tickets for the Conference Center will gather in the Tabernacle and North Visitor Center to watch the proceedings.  It was a beautiful spring day for this Conference so many families brought blankets and sat on the lawns throughout Temple Square as they listened to the messages from Conference broadcast over the speakers. 

To enable the Sisters to devote all their time to teaching on Temple Square the Midvale Utah Stake, Midvale Utah East Stake, Midvale Utah North Stake and Midvale Utah Union Park Stake provided all meals for all the Temple Square Missionaries (about 180) on both Saturday and Sunday.  We appreciate their very kind service.  All the meals were very tasty and there was plenty to eat. 

After dinner on Sunday our mission met in Theater 5 in the North Visitor Center to listen to Alex Boye share his conversion story and sing a few songs for us.  It was an amazing and inspiring evening!! Another Temple Square Forever Memory. 

Thanks to Midvale Utah Stakes for our Conference Vittles

Pres. Bateman struggles to keep up with the garbage from meal time!
Silly Sisters!!  It's been a long day!
He's just taking your picture Sisters!! 

Pres. and Sister Risenmay spend time with their family visiting from Washington
zone pictures with Alex Boye

 Sister Duabe (AP), Pres. Risenmay, Alex Boye, Sister Risenmay, Sister Torjesen (AP) and Elder Bradshaw