Tuesday, April 5, 2016


General Conference is an exciting time on Temple Square.  The Sisters anxiously await both member and non member visitors and always have a uplifting message to share with both visitors.  Those who don't get tickets for the Conference Center will gather in the Tabernacle and North Visitor Center to watch the proceedings.  It was a beautiful spring day for this Conference so many families brought blankets and sat on the lawns throughout Temple Square as they listened to the messages from Conference broadcast over the speakers. 

To enable the Sisters to devote all their time to teaching on Temple Square the Midvale Utah Stake, Midvale Utah East Stake, Midvale Utah North Stake and Midvale Utah Union Park Stake provided all meals for all the Temple Square Missionaries (about 180) on both Saturday and Sunday.  We appreciate their very kind service.  All the meals were very tasty and there was plenty to eat. 

After dinner on Sunday our mission met in Theater 5 in the North Visitor Center to listen to Alex Boye share his conversion story and sing a few songs for us.  It was an amazing and inspiring evening!! Another Temple Square Forever Memory. 

Thanks to Midvale Utah Stakes for our Conference Vittles

Pres. Bateman struggles to keep up with the garbage from meal time!
Silly Sisters!!  It's been a long day!
He's just taking your picture Sisters!! 

Pres. and Sister Risenmay spend time with their family visiting from Washington
zone pictures with Alex Boye

 Sister Duabe (AP), Pres. Risenmay, Alex Boye, Sister Risenmay, Sister Torjesen (AP) and Elder Bradshaw