Sunday, October 22, 2017


The sisters in North 2 congregate  in Sister Lechner and Sister Fedotovas
apartment to do some pumpkin carving!!

A BOOtiful temple square jackolantern

The sisters in North 2 Zone have a great time on P day here and in the following pictures carving
pumpkins in Sister Lechner and Sister Fedotovas apartment

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                                                   Sister Acuna is reminded of the first vision
                                                   on their hike.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The sisters show joy in having ALL CELESTIAL APARTMENTS!!!!!!!!!!

Sisters Clement (AZ), Martell(California), White( USA), Castagna(Connecticut), with Sister Moss K., and Sister Carrazzoni(Brazil) preparing the music.
Sisters      Thawornniwat(Thailand)

President Risenmay greets the sisters with a handshake and a welcome .

Sisters greet each other for Zone Conference as Sister Hintz(New Mexico),  and Bates(Texas)Sister demonstrate.

Sister Su(China), Sister Merling(Georgia), and SisterYang(Taiwan),
Toyosato(Japan), Sister Dale(Georgia), and Sister Wagner(AZ/Mexico) in
the Wasatch room of the JSMB.

          President Bateman and President Mulford taught from Doctrine and  Covenants                                                                                 Law of Witnesses For October Zone Conference 2017

Sister Silva leads as Sister Ransom plays for  t+Thursdays Zone Conference

R to L is Sister Fawsett, Sister Madeau, Sister Wendt, Sister Allen, Sister Pohosrinne,
Sister Crawford, and Sister Aguilar.

Sisters Stand to cheer their own "Celestial" apartments!
Sister Hinkey(USA), Sister Palmer (So. Africa)

Sister Perazzo(Nevada)


Sister Peralta(Phillipines)

NORTH 2 Service Project was preparing 7 pallets of hygiene kits and cleaning kits.
Pictured in a U shape are Sister Huang T(Taiwan)., Sister Su(china), Sister Jeong(S. Korea), Sister Kitchen,(Massachussetts)
Sister Mikulekey(USA), Sister PerazzoUSA, Sister Nuttall(AZ), and Sister Ou(China). 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Sisters Nuttal (AZ) and Miroshnikova (Ukraine) try to find a quiet place to study.

A fun service project at Sister Batemans house

Blanket making at Sister Batemans house

Must be a very pleasant day for Sister Vale

We miss you Sister Sneddon (Germany)  (outbound)

Sister Curcino (Brazil) and Sister Gomes (Brazil)

Pres Bateman with the departing sisters

Sister Pierre

Sister Seol (Korea) and Sister Curcino (Brazil) enjoy
the departing sisters luncheon.

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With such busy schedules, the Sisters are served lunch and dinner for 2 days by Stakes and families that  Pres.
Bateman arranged. 

SisterFedotova  and Sister Lechner (Germany,Austria, France, UK) sport their  Ukrainian tops for Conference.

Inspections turned out a complete success! 100% Celestial!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Burke (Maine) and RS Pres. Sister Newlin (North Carolina)

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Sister Richens (Arizona) sings for Relief Society Sep 21 2017

Sister Moss (New Mexico) and Sister Wu (China) do
a roleplay for the RS sisters

Sister Campaner (France/Spain). Sister Josephsen (Marshall Islands), SisterEvans (Mexico),
and Sister Botcha  (India) give the lesson.