Saturday, May 18, 2013

GARDEN SERVICE - Sisters Plant Temple Square Flowers - NICE WORK!

Meet Our Mission's Senior Couples and New Mission Secretary!

Oops! - Not new... but new picture of Elder & Sister Chamberlain

Elder & Sister Sharp

Elder & Sister Stayner

Kinda New Mission Secretary - Susan Lowe (what a smile!)
New Part Time Senior Missionaries: Sister Anderson & Elder Price... Sister's Gillette's sister and brother! (Spouses missing) 
Our Mission's Full & Part-Time Senior Couples - good looking group!   The Wards & Elder Creer are missing.

Special 7:30 a.m. Meeting with Elder Ballard

Apostle - Elder M. Russell Ballard

Elder Ballard touches our hearts and raises our spirits. The following are some of his wise teachings to us:
  • The apostles used to process, through revelation, 500 to 600 new missionary assignments a week.  Now they process 1,200 to 1,500 a week missionaries callings!
  • "The radiance from our countenance teaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ." - Pres. David O. McKay
  • Conversion always starts with how they feel more than what they know - PMG Chapter 3
  • "Teacher of Religious truth is the Holy Ghost."
  • "Simplicity of the message is best - Keep it Simple!"  Elder Ballard also mentioned as mothers and teachers in church "simplicity" is the best way to teach.
  • "You might never know the impact of your influence"
  • "Get up in the morning and say, 'what a blessing it is to serve.'"  
  • "When you are down or discouraged carry a picture of Jesus Christ, in your book, and take a minute and look at the picture."
  •  Elder Ballard asked the sisters if they had questions.  The  first sister said she always wanted to ask an apostle a question.  She asked how to know if a 'prompting' is from the Spirit...or you.  Elder Ballard quickly said, Sister, "JUST RELAX - BE YOURSELF!"  What good advise for all of us. 
  • He quoted Elder LeGrand Richards, "I let the Lord worry - it is His church - I just do the best I can."
  • "Sometimes they will ask a question and you will answer with the question they should have asked." 
Our mission thanks Elder Ballard for taking his precious time to uplift and instruct our mission.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hey, New Temple Square Sisters - how did you get such great trainers???

Sister Bailey - Colorado
(Trainer:Sister Roffler-Switzerland)

Sister Cheng - Hong Kong
(Trainer:Sister Felsted-Georgia)

Sister Cummings - Hawaii
(Trainer:Sister Vaivai- New Zealand)

Sister Howard - California
(Trainer:Sister Back- Finland)

Sister Ellis - Singapore
(Trainer:Sister Almonte- Mexico)

Sister Ichimaru - Japan
(Trainer:Sister Cash- Australia)

Sister Li - Hong Kong
(Trainer:Sister Hittrich- Canada)

Sister Lo - Cal/Laos
(Trainer:Sister Enkbaatar- Mongolia)

Sister Millares - Philippines
(Trainer:Sister Asuncion- Philippines)

Sister Ogata - Japan
(Trainer:Sister Magaoay- Hawaii)

Sister Ordonez - Honduras
(Trainer:Sister Reynders- California)

Sister Pipe - Montana
(Trainer:Sister Chadderton- New Zealand)

Sister Yu - Hong Kong
(Trainer:Sister Reniva- Philippines)

Sister Yadraca - Fiji
(Trainer:Sister Rakotovao- Madagascar)

Just think how many people these new missionaries will touch?  The Lord has blessed our mission.

May Birthdays

Big smiles from May Birthday Sisters

Spring Time Images for Temple Square