Saturday, May 18, 2013

Special 7:30 a.m. Meeting with Elder Ballard

Apostle - Elder M. Russell Ballard

Elder Ballard touches our hearts and raises our spirits. The following are some of his wise teachings to us:
  • The apostles used to process, through revelation, 500 to 600 new missionary assignments a week.  Now they process 1,200 to 1,500 a week missionaries callings!
  • "The radiance from our countenance teaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ." - Pres. David O. McKay
  • Conversion always starts with how they feel more than what they know - PMG Chapter 3
  • "Teacher of Religious truth is the Holy Ghost."
  • "Simplicity of the message is best - Keep it Simple!"  Elder Ballard also mentioned as mothers and teachers in church "simplicity" is the best way to teach.
  • "You might never know the impact of your influence"
  • "Get up in the morning and say, 'what a blessing it is to serve.'"  
  • "When you are down or discouraged carry a picture of Jesus Christ, in your book, and take a minute and look at the picture."
  •  Elder Ballard asked the sisters if they had questions.  The  first sister said she always wanted to ask an apostle a question.  She asked how to know if a 'prompting' is from the Spirit...or you.  Elder Ballard quickly said, Sister, "JUST RELAX - BE YOURSELF!"  What good advise for all of us. 
  • He quoted Elder LeGrand Richards, "I let the Lord worry - it is His church - I just do the best I can."
  • "Sometimes they will ask a question and you will answer with the question they should have asked." 
Our mission thanks Elder Ballard for taking his precious time to uplift and instruct our mission.