Monday, May 6, 2013

Temple Square Mission "Sounds of Music from Around the World"

It all started with Sister Palmer bearing her beautiful testimony and a prayer.  She said, "Sisters you will make a difference tonight."

Sisters looking their best before the big performance

More sisters jump into the picture. 
(check out the cool flags!)

Called to Serve

Another full house!

The Sound of Music sets the program standard

It is the first number and the audience is already spellbound.

The Italians & Portuguese mesmerize the audience.

Mama Mia!

Islanders Take the Show Over!

Such moves, such love... you could feel the surf.

America's most talented.

Beautiful music from Down Under.
A guest is spellbound

From Russia with Love...

Gospel Music at its BEST - Amazing!

Nobody plays Stars & Stripes with this much passion.

The Assembly Hall - such a beautiful setting

The future Tabernacle Choir

A perfect night for a concert - full house

This young boy really appreciated all the talent.

Sister Palmer gets flowers and a hug, but deserves so much more!
They don't get any better than this senior couple

PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pictures, more picture, and more pictures