Tuesday, August 2, 2016

July 27, 2016 - Departing Missionaries

July 26, 2016 Temple Session

Departing Missionary Luncheon at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building July 26, 2016

Departing Missionary Photo July 26, 2016

We were so blessed to have the Sorenson's be there for our departing photo.  
We will miss everyone of you!

Change of AP's

Sister Risenmay, Sister Pierron, Sister Summerfeld, Sister Daube, Sister Richard and President Risenmay

Getting ready to head home
Sisters Lysy, Clark, Makovei, George and Fang

Off to the airport
Sister Limage, Rodriguez, Piutau, Carinote, Fernandez, Pabico and Shum

Elder and Sister Bradshaw

It is going to take two senior couples to replace Elder and Sister Bradshaw!  Elder and Sister Richardson and Elder and Sister Sharp are dividing up the Bradshaw's responsibilities.

We love them and will really miss them