Thursday, April 28, 2016


April 28th

Relief Society was held in Theater 1 this morning.  The lesson was taken from Henry B. Eyring’s message given at the General Women’s Conference “Trust in the Spirit That Leadeth To Do Good”.  After the lesson we all sang “Called to Serve” to our departing Sisters.

Sisters Chiu, S. Clark, Torjesen, Jarvi, Aquino, O’Dell, Bellais, Bea, David, Fraiser, Wardinsky, Bequette and her parents

The Spanish speaking Sisters on Temple Square sang a special musical number which was a tribute to their parents who sacrifice and support them while they serve a mission.

An interesting box arrived in our mail this morning.  Obviously from a florist.  Everyone gathered around wondering who the flowers were for.  It was mailed to Sister Carinote from the Philippines but no return address.  The suspense was too much so Sister O'Dell went to find Sister Carinote. Hurry, open it, we want to see!!!!! 

The flowers were from Mama Parks, the mother of Sister Parks who is on Outbound to Nevada Las Vegas Mission.

A Very Happy Sister Carinote