Thursday, April 9, 2015


April 4-5th

April General Conference time has arrived and Temple Square is like a beehive as we prepare ourselves to meet the crowds that will come to conference and also to Temple Square.  Our Sister Missionaries are so excited to find ‘’the one’’ that the Lord has prepared to hear the gospel message.  Prayers have been offered for effective missionary work to take place and for people’s hearts to be softened and prepared to hear the gospel message. 

Spring has also arrived at Temple Square.  The tulips, daffodils and pansies are in full bloom as are the Japanese Cherry Trees and a variety of other flowers and trees.  The sun is out, the temperature in the 70’s and it is a perfect Easter day as we celebrate the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

                          CONFERENCE PICTURE ALBUM

Lunches and dinners were delivered and provided by members in 4 wonderful Stakes in the surrounding area.  This was arranged by President Loos.  Sisters helped carry the food in and had 20 minute lunch and dinners to have more time on the Square.  President Harman bought breakfasts from Costco and each sister was allowed one of each item: fruit, trail mix, protein bar and a water bottle.  We so appreciate the service given to us by these wonderful members and President Harmon to feed our sisters during Conference.

 Now that General Conference is over this next week is ''Deep Clean'' week as we get ready for transfers on the 15th.  Sisters will get a 5 hour block of time to give a thorough cleaning to their ovens, stoves, clean out the refrigerator, scrub baseboards and bathrooms and declutter their living area.  When they are done their apartment will be inspected by one of the senior couples serving at temple square. 
Sisters Christensen, Menzie, Kruse and Ryan are ready to tackle Deep Clean!
 Sisters Tuilealilfano, Fisco, Mere, Pichardo, Bon and Leavitt are so happy to pass inspection!