Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sisters hard at work in the Teaching Center!

Sister Reynders and Sister Galuvao in the Teaching Centre
Sisters Sanchez, Carvana, Ronstrom, Mahuru, Kaberry, Dorff, Calderwood, Lake, Harutyunyan, and Hee... The North 2 Zone, working hard!

Sister G. Smith and Sister DeBoer, Zone leaders of the Cover Zone!

Sister Eggenberger and Sister Douglas

Sisters Armstrong, Willis, Brickley, J. Kim, Dieujuste, Kurutz and Smith... some of the North 1 Zone.

Sister Nakajima and Sister Albanes
Sisters Clark, Elliot and Vukinamualevu! 

Our beautiful Guest Service Sisters!
Sister Pickrel and Sister Turner...

...and Sister Beller and Sister King!

Time to close the lesson with Sister Nieves and Sister Lupashko 

Sisters Intriago and Repotente

Sister Roy and Sister Steenblik our wonderful Department Coordinators... working hard with online teaching!

Sister Nieves and Sister Lupashko

Sister Oh and Sister Larson

Sister Crookston and Sister Savage
Sister Tobias and Sister Zommerovska

Preparing to teach on the Square after missionary work in the Teaching Center
Sister Kaberry and Sister Calderwood
Sister Wong and Sister Jarvie
 Our Sister missionaries do work hard but with their beautiful smiles, we know it is a work they are willing to do!

Sister Brennan and Sister Barraza, Zone leaders of the amazing North 1 Zone!