Monday, July 23, 2012

New transfer, new sisters!

Welcome back to our Outbound Sisters! 

and... Welcome Home to our New Sisters! 

This week we received 19 more beautiful sisters from all over the world! Here they are with their new trainers! 

Sister Arias from Guatemala and Sister Larsen

Sister Asuncion from the Philippines and Sister Rodriguez
Sister Creal from Indiana and Sister Turner
Sister Fisher from Texas and Sister Cool

Sister Gannon from Colorado and Sister Luo

Sister George from North Carolina and Sister Cardita

Sister Hvistendahl from Greenland and Sister Maguire

Sister Imai from Japan and Sister Dotterer

Sister Ince from Canada and Sister Brickley

Sister LaPorte from California and Sister Mauga

Sister Mackay from North Carolina and Sister Gehrig

Sister Marchetti from Italy and Sister King

Sister Olden from Australia and Sister Elliott

Sister Puttapong from Thailand and Sister Wong

Sister SaGari from Brazil and Sister Reynders

Sister Troches from Honduras and Sister Boatright

Sister Vach from Seattle, Washington and Sister Fleginskaya

Sister Wilhelm from Chile and Sister Richardson

Sister Yedigaryan from Armenia and Sister Schiaffi

The Beautiful New Sisters with President & Sister Gillette