Monday, August 20, 2012

Fun adventures on Temple Square!

Some of the Sisters on Temple Square were able to enjoy a tour hosted by President Harman this week! The Gillette's also hosted a wonderful event in their home featuring Wanda Palmer, the famous song-writer that wrote "Oh, That I Were an Angel," "Mary's Lullaby," and many other beautiful pieces of music. Wanda Palmer's son and daughter-in-law, Elder and Sister Palmer, happen to be one of our full-time missionary couples here on Temple Square! It was a treat to hear such wonderful music, and hear the stories behind the inspiring tunes! Here are some of these memories captured on film.

Cover Zone about to take the tour with President Harman! 
The pipes on the organ up close! 

A few members of the Palmer Family

Wanda Palmer with her husband
Enjoying homemade cake and
ice cream! Yum!

Elder and Sister Palmer!

Elder and Sister Moore came and enjoyed the music, too!

The Assistants to the President and the Office Assistants with
Brother and Sister Wanda Palmer. What a great night!