Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sister Trudy Beck speaks to our Relief Society

Sister Hoyt and the RS Presidency welcomes Sister Beck

Sister Creer introduces her life-long friend and classmate,  Trudy Beck, former mission president's wife and recently released Young Women' General Board member.

Sister Beck, a German immigrant as a child, asks how many sisters are first generation Mormons, only Mormons in their family or school, or first missionary from their family. 

Sister Beck introduces the theme of "The Power of One." 

She show a graphic of a missionary who had only one baptism in Germany on his 33 month mission. That baptism was Sister Beck's father. That one baptism has resulted into hundreds of people who have joined the Church - The Power of One! 

The missionary (in his 90s) that baptized Sister Beck's father, studies the chart showing the Power of One - him!

A beautiful picture of Christ accepting and
loving all mankind

German speakers with Sister Beck