Thursday, August 8, 2013

Brighton Beehive Camp taken over by Temple Square Missionaries

Of course you can share our stand -
bring your whole district if you want!

We climbed this mountain!
Waiting for the
zip line

Zip line tests courage

Sisters try to untangle - what a mess!
Red rover, red rover send her
right over.

Why are these sister standing together?  Ask them?

Sisters still tangled up

Brazilian sisters cold?
You want me to do what?

We are all lost!
I'm lost

Safely home and greeted by the Gillettes

Why are we sitting here holding hands and blind?
Why couldn't we play?
Pres. Gillette talks about courage,
sticking to a task, and finishing.

Those T-Shirts are pretty cool!

Pres. Gillette does the course

His reward for finishing
is a big kiss from his biggest fan
Don't tell the sisters,
but I was the best!

Totem Pole in Utah?

Yummy lunch after a hard day

Afternoon group makes their way up

Afternoon group ready to challenge the course