Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Zone Conference at the Museum of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers

President opens conference with scriptures and asking for blessings and a strong commitment from missionaries
Good Sister welcomes to the Museum 

Sister Gillette goes over a few suggestions and remembering certain mission rules

Sister Gillette has Assistants show "body language"
Faith, Endure, and Willing important mission principals

Guess What - we role played!

Elder & Professor Frost teaches us 

Elder Frost teaches that the Book of Mormon is the Corner Stone of our Religion - (Notice light on his book!)

Sister Frost tells touching story about Samuel Smith's handing out the Book of Mormon and the many who joined the church including Brigham Young!

Elder Frost gives powerful testimony about the Book of Mormon

Sister Osorio sings special hymn about the power of the Book of Mormon.