Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy Birthday America!! We celebrated the 4th of July in style!

 We celebrated independence day July 4th. As our sisters are from the USA and from 50 countries , it was great for all of us to learn and review the events leading to the birth of this country   This land was prepared for the Restoration  of the Gospel.        At  Relief Society this week,  President Harman and Sister Briggs, our new Assistant to the President, and President Poulsen, inspired us with a lesson about the history of the birth of our country and reminded us of the scriptures in the Book of Mormon that refer to this country's preparation to be the birthplace of the Restoration of the Gospel. 

Many attended the Choir's weekly broadcast which featured patriotic songs.  

Temple Square is beautiful in the summer.   The flowers are growing fast and the sky is bright blue, almost every day.

This picture was taken after the Choir broadcast on Sunday . Sisters from many countries invite our guests to take a tour of Temple Square in many different languages.    A picture similar to this was in the July Ensign.  Check it out and see our beautiful Temple Square sisters.  

Many, many tours are given everyday...Sometimes Sisters have to find  special places for our guests to stand while they tell them about the history  and basic beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints


On the Fourth of July,  all of the Sisters were treated to a delicious picnic at Brigham Young Park.   Many thanks to President and Sister Harman and Elder and Sister Skanchy for preparing the delicious food...featuring famous Jay Dawgs, and delicious fruit salad.  

Captain America, also known as President Harman, using his grilling skills

Many  Thanks for a great day of Celebration!!

Watch out for PhotoBombers!!