Sunday, November 9, 2014


Sisters were asked to write on a feather some thing they were grateful for to help fatten up our turkey. An attitude of gratitude prevails throughout our mission so it didn't take long to fatten this turkey and he continues to grow fatter.  Something our Sisters are particularly grateful for this Thanksgiving is the opportunity to be invited to members homes from the Bountiful Heights Stake.  Temple Square will close from noon to 6pm on Thanksgiving day and during that time Sister companionships will spend Thanksgiving with a family from the wards within this stake.  The Sisters are so excited to be in members homes for Thanksgiving and grateful for this opportunity.  We wish all who visit our site a Happy Thanksgiving and may we all keep this attitude of gratitude throughout the year and throughout our lives.  No matter the circumstances you find yourself in, remember, a grateful heart sits at a continuous feast.