Thursday, March 19, 2015


March 19, 2015

For Relief Society today Sisters Gearheart and Mathias sang ‘’A Child’s Prayer’’ for our opening song. Sister Mathias sang her part in German. 

 Our AP’s, Sisters Jin and Bomgren and also Sisters Arrieto and Hirro gave us training on how to more effectively use ‘’Meet the Mormons’’ in our proselyting efforts.  We discussed 1) how to introduce the movie more effectively, 2) Discussed Teaching ideas and 3) Invitation ideas.  It was pointed out by Sister Jin that missionaries are the way Heavenly Father makes appointments with his children so we want to be effective in our work with His children. 

After their presentation we had mission wide Fleet training which comes every third transfer and is done by Elder and Sister Bradshaw and our Fleet sisters: Sisters Haight and Huang. 

Right after this meeting we had a condensed version of Elder Clarkes presentation on the use of ipads in our mission.  Today's training was for sisters who were outbound when the presentation was given by Elder Clarke and also for new sisters from the MTC this last transfer.  Elder Bradshaw did Guideline Training for the use of ipads as a tool for missionaries in their proselyting efforts and President Loos used the Missionary Handbook to emphasize the importance of obeying rules concerning the use of the ipads as a mission tool.  President Poulsen concluded the training by emphasizing that we need to be the master and not a slave to our ipads or for that matter, the use of any technology.  When we use technology we should approach it with a purpose in mind for its use.  The training we received today and with Elder Clarke should be training for a lifetime of use concerning technology.

The ipad rollout will address the following: 1) Personal Use 2) Area Book and Planner 3) Social Media. 
Sisters Isaksen, Tamara, Hoffman and Chen.