Friday, August 28, 2015


Aug. 28, 2015

Some of our Sisters recently returned from their Outbound Mission Assignment.  A luncheon was held for them today to welcome them back to Temple Square and they were also given the opportunity to share their Outbound experiences with the other Sisters and President and Sister Poulsen.  Everyone enjoyed their experience and learned much that they hope to incorporate in their missionary activity on Temple Square.  Welcome Home Sisters! We missed you and glad you have returned!!!  Following are the Sisters who returned and where they served for their Outbound.

Sister Vasi (California San Diego); Sister Leavitt (California Oakland); Sister McDaniel (Arizona Tempe); Sister Aquino (Arizona Tempe); Sister and President Poulsen; Sister Atchu (California Oakland); Sister O'Dell (California Oakland); Sister Sonku (California Oakland); and Sister Helton (California San Diego).