Saturday, January 16, 2016


Jan. 10th

Today was President and Sisters Poulsen's last Sunday in the mission. Many missionaries that served with him in the past came to Sacrament Meeting today to hear the Poulsen's speak and afterwards joined them along with some of the Poulsen's family at Music and the Spoken Word to honor them and say good-bye.   

Thursday, Jan. 14, the mission gathered for a luncheon to say their good-bye's and wish them well.

On Friday, Jan 15, we became acquainted with President and Sister Risenmay as we attended Relief Society Friday morning. Each of them spoke to us with Sister Risenmay introducing themselves to us.

President Risenmay shared his testimony and give us counsel.  We are happy to be blessed with their service at Temple Square. After Relief Society President and Sister Risenmay took the time to meet and greet each of the sisters.