Thursday, February 25, 2016


Our Sister Missionaries work hard each day to bring souls unto Christ. Each star on the board represents a baptism.  Ever so beautiful to realize that each star represents a Precious Soul on the path back to their Heavenly Father!

Created by Sisters Howard and Smith




Created by Sisters O'Neill and Rodriguez

This bulletin board is based on a old movie “The Blue Vase”.  President Risenmay used it as a parable for missionary work.  The parable of the Blue Vase is about a young disabled WWI veteran, Bill Peck, who must overcome many obstacles in order to build a successful life for himself.  He is handed an opportunity that will either make or break his career.  If he accepts the job and pulls it off he’s on his way to success; if he fails, its curtains.  At every turn he is thwarted by two rivals who try to prevent him from becoming successful.  Using his own tenacity and wits to see him through he finally accomplishes his goal and wins the prize, a position as vice-president in the company.  

Tenacity and Perseverance are two necessary qualities to accomplish missionary goals as well.  Our investigators are the Lord's investigators but instead of a blue vase the prize for our efforts to teach the gospel to our brothers and sisters is eternal life for them and joy for us as we help bring one more soul unto Christ.