Thursday, May 5, 2016


May 5, 2016

Relief Society was held in Theater 1 in the SVC at 7:30am.  Kris Hofeling and Carrie Carpenter from LDS Family Services talked to us about stress management.  The question was asked What is stress on Temple Square?  Comments:  trying to be perfect in everything, getting out of comfort zone, constant change, strange languages (44), time management, weight gain, overthinking, talking to people cold turkey, have I done enough and it’s so different from regular life.  How can stress be good?  It makes you work harder and try to be better.

Some coping skills to manage stress:  Make time for self-care so stressful times can be more manageable.  Be mindful of self-talk like:  I can’t, I’ll never be as good as or more positive talk could be I wasn’t sent here to fail but to succeed.  God made us individual so we won't be frustrated trying to be someone else.  Perfection is a process.  We need to tell ourselves that I am enough and what I do today will be enough. 

When you stop judging yourself you will stop judging others.  After all, you don’t know their whole story. Be forgiving enough to allow others to be themselves.  If you are not yourself and trying to be like everyone else then there is no uniqueness yet God made us as individuals.  We are in a unique mission and we are here because we are unique—different languages (44), cultures, etc. 

At the close of our meeting the thought was expressed that the brother of Jared picked up ordinary dirty rocks to take to the Lord.  He had nothing to offer but his faith.  The Lord took his offering and made something grand out of it.  We need to have faith that our offering is good enough.  Bring what we have and the Lord will bless it.  However, never make excuses for disobedience.  

Sisters Kriss Hofeling and Kerri Carpenter from LDS Family Services

Chit Chat after the meeting