Thursday, June 16, 2016


The week leading up to Transfers and Transfer Week is a beehive of activity.  Sisters will get new companions and move to a different place, some sisters go Outbound for two transfers, some sisters are returning from serving Outbound, we receive new sisters from the MTC and we say our good-byes to the departing sisters.  This is what Transfer Day looks like at Temple Square.

Departing Sisters enjoy their last temple trip with President and Sister Risenmay. Afterwards they will go to a luncheon at The Garden in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
Departing Sisters this transfer:  Azucena(Philippines), Krylborn(Sweden), Saliva(Philippines), Villar(Philippines), Leas(Indiana USA) and Tailleur(Washington USA).

New MTC Sisters:  Baker (Michigan USA), Engmann (Ghana), Fang (Taiwan), Fischer (Germany), Gomes (Brazil, Gunther(Germany), Herr (Germany), Kolarova (Bulgaria), Lam(Hong Kong), Lyu (China), Macfarlane(Arkansas USA), Morales Barillas(Guatemala), N. Morales(Peru), Newlin(N. Carolina USA), Pan(China), Pech Escobedo(Mexico), Ransom(Virginia USA), J. Rodriguez(California USA), Seol(Korea), Skouson(ArizonaUSA), Surace(Italy), Toma(Japan), Ueno(Japan), Valenzuela(New Mexico), Ward(Connecticut USA) and Yan(Cambodia).

Sisters returning from Outbound:  Alliaud(Texas Houston South), Cardus(California San Jose), Chansriramee(Washington DC North), T. Clark(Arizona Tempe), Lawlor(Texas Houston South), Marroquin(Nevada Reno), Nevil(Pennsylvania Pittsburgh), O'Reilly(Pennsylvania Pittsburgh), Parks(Nevada Reno), Ramos(Texas Houston South), Revoredo(Arizona Tempe), R. Rodriguez(California Jose), Sanchez(California San Jose), Solorano(Texas Houston South), Sommerfeldt(Virginia Richmond), Takeshige(Utah Provo), Tekurio(Georgia Atlanta North), Valdez(California San Jose) and Willard (Virginia Richmond).

Sisters going Outbound: Butler(California San Jose), Johnny(California San Jose), Lakshmanan(Virginia Richmond), Saavedra(Texas Houston South), McColgan(Virginia Richmond), Ruiz(Texas Houston South), and Brito(California San Jose).

This transfer we have three AP's!

Sister Pierron (Texas), Sister Duabe (Philippines) and Sister Richard(Australia). 

MTC Sisters arriving at DA Apartments with their luggage
Sister Paa spends time with Sister Ruiz before she leaves for Outbound to Texas Houston So. Mission
AP's wait with new MTC Sisters so they can get their picture taken with Pres. & Sis. Risenmay
Sisters hard at work updating 90-100 phones for Temple Square Mission
Temple Square coordinators Sisters Miki and Lopez Giron plan out missionary schedules
Sister Sorenson, Mission Secretary, is preparing information packets for new MTC sisters
Sister Bradshaw, senior missionary, greets Sisters Parks and Marroquin who just returned from Outbound