Saturday, July 30, 2016

July 25, 2016 - Days of 47 Parade and Celebration

Sisters that did not attend the parade in 2015 were able to attend the parade this year.

This is Sister Lysy's and Sister George's "float"

These are some of the sisters that attended the parade

Sisters Carrus, Zeng and Strihavka

Sisters Mark, Hug, Macfarlane, Rogriguez and Gomes

Sisters Surace, Cruz, Cabello and Baker

Sisters that attended the parade in 2015 went to This is the Place Heritage Park in the afternoon so the Square was always covered by sisters.  All sisters and senior couples were treated to box lunches.

Brother Brigham's Donuts - Yum!

Sisters Chamberlin, O'Reilly, Sanputhorn and Nevil

Many of the sisters took the mini train around the park
Sisters Pierron, Richard and Duabe

The watermelon eating contest was a BIG hit!

Honing milking skills
Sister Lopez

Into the Visitors' Center to cool off
Sisters Thomas, Chilan and Wong

Shopping anyone?
 Sister Ramos and Sister Javzandulum

 Sister Dufour and Sister Chuah

Sister Piutau and Sister Carinote

Taking a breather
Sister Dicent and Sister Danso

Sister Nuon and Sister Tata

Many enjoyed the Native American dancers

July 24th Birthdays

Sister Li, Elder Sharp and Sister Nevil

Arriving Sisters - Straight from the MTC

Class Photo

Back row left to right - Sisters Semenova, Davis, Klippel, Ashton, Smithson, Leavitt, Sturzenegger, Sine, Chuy and Dolbin
Front row left to right - Sisters Yoshida-Field, Chan, Triptree, Donald, Clement, Evans, SigarĂ¡n, Da Luz and Bautista
Missing from photo - Sister Bastos

Taking Luggage to DA to be "Cooked"

Fastest Thumbs in the West

Back row left to right:  Sisters Nunez, Fernandez, Willard, Carrasco and Sapera
Front row left to right:  Sisters Beltran and Torres