Monday, September 3, 2012

New Transfers August 29, 2012!!

A New Beginning....

We are so excited to have this new group of Sisters.  They are already doing such a great job on Temple Square.  They have such strong testimonies of Jesus Christ and his Gospel, you can see it in their faces.  They brought with them so much energy, and a desire to share with others about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   

Here are their pictures from the first day, when they met their trainers: 

Sister Cash from Australia with Sister Robayo. Beautiful!
Sister A. Lee from CA started us off with her
Korean companion, Sister J. Kim.  So excited!
Sister Anderson from Indiana with Sister Astorga - what a team!

Our New-Zealand/American combination -
Sister Chadderton and Sister Calderwood.

Sister Chavarria from USA/Bolivia with
her Korean companion Sister Yoon.

Sister Lin from Tiawan with Sister Repontente. So beautiful!

Sister Lotoa from American Samoa
and Sister Bradshaw.
They both have great smiles!

Sister Magaoay from Hawaii and Sister Sloan,
giving the peace sign. So fun!

Sister Savelio from American Samoa and Sister Kyle from Canada.
This is a fun companionship!
Sister Molodgalii from Mongolia with
her Swiss companion Sister Eggenberger.
 Aren't they so cute?

Can you believe they put these two together?  Sister Vaivai from
New Zealand and Sister Mata'utia from Australia.  They will
covert people with their cool accents alone!

Sister Manuera - our first Temple Square Sister from Kiribait!
We are so excited to have her.
She is with Sister Au-Yeung, her Zone leader who was
filling in until Sister Mokalake could arrive later in the day.

Sister Nakaima from Japan with Sister Savage from
the United States.  We love these two!

Isn't this a precious picture? So cute!
Sister Mendoza from Arizona with Sister Lupashko.

Two really sweet missionaries. Sister Olongayo from Phillipines
with her trainer, Sister Mitchell.

Look at those big smiles! Sister Osorio
from the USA with
Sister Pen from Cambodia. 

Our Swiss/German combination!
Sister Roffler from Switzerland with Sister Vogt.

AHHHH!! Sister Dieujuste almost knocked
her over,she was so excited!!
By far the most entertaining when they
called out her name!

Sister Rakotovao from Madagascar with Sister Dieujuste,
who is beaming with joy!

Another two kind-hearted Sisters.
Sister Nguyen from Brazil with Sister Smith.
Sister Romney from Arizona with Sister Rojas -
These are two hardworking Sisters! 

Sister Walsh from Arizona was in suspense who would
be her trainer - Sister Christensen was the one! So beautiful.

Last, but not least we have Sister Schill
from Virginia with Sister Saili. Exciting!

Here they are all together.  What a great group!
Posted by Sister Albanes