Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sunny September

Running the Canyon!!

This is what some of us sisters love to do for exercise in the morning - RUN! These pictures are from the last day that we ran "the canyon" as we call it.  Due to the weather, and with it being dark in the morning we had to stop.  Now we run the hills between our apartments or at some tracks nearby. We can't wait for next summer to run here again!

It's all about Sister Gillette!!

It was Sister Gillette's Birthday on August 9th.  We sure love Sister Gillette and all she does for us!

  Here is Sister Gillette with our gifts - 
an international cookbook, flowers, and
we heart-attacked her door with
birthday notes.

More Zone Activities!!

This is North 2 at Heritage Park. Lovely pioneers!

Our lovely cover zone in the Beehive House! 

Posted By Sister Albanes & Sister Gordon