Monday, November 26, 2012

Transfers sure are day it's week 1 of a new transfer, and the next thing you know, it's over!  This transfer we said goodbye to 6 amazing missionaries, gained 9 (not lbs!), and sent 20 outbound.

Meet our 9 new & beautiful sisters!

Sister Walls (Arizona)
Trained by Sister Ibarra

Sister Calderon (Spain)
Trained by Sister Dean


Sister Alvine (France)
Trained by Sister Lee

Sister Chang (Taiwan)
Trained by Sister Fredrickson

Sister Hodgkin (Germany)
Trained by Sister Sneidere

Sister Klemm (Germany)
Trained by Sister Thulasidass

                                                                                      Sister Whaley (Nevada
                                                                                                             Trained by Sister Gordon                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Sister Loisotto (Argentina)
Trained by Sister Martinez

Sister Piredda (Italy)
Trained by Sister Wilhelm (not pictured)

The departing sisters had a great day with President & Sister Gillette.  Here are a few pictures of their last day in the mission.  We will definitely miss them.

Signing the famous tablecloth.  Each sister gets a square!

 Your presence will be missed Sisters!

This transfer also brought a new AP!  We said farewell to wonderful, beautiful, and talented Sister Kealamakia as an AP and welcomed Sister Schiaffi to the position!

Sister Lane (Canada) & Sister Schiaffi (Australia) will definitely keep us on track and will continue to lead our mission in a great direction. We love them both so much.

Posted By: Sister Vach