Saturday, November 3, 2012

Treats, Toothpaste, and Fun - Oh My!

Halloween was sure a treat this year!  
Apple Spice catered a tasty potato bar, the presidency and other beloved ones provided delicious treats, and President Seppi showed his love by providing toothbrushes!
 ...after all the sugar, our poor teeth sure did need a good brushing!

It's well known that Temple Square missionaries are crazy when it comes to free to maintain some sort of order, our amazing AP's decided to hold a competition to determine which zone got to eat first.  

The zone leaders were blindfolded, placed near a hanging doughnut, and told to eat it as fast as possible.  Let's just say this was pretty great entertainment for the rest of us!

Thanks to Sister Dieujuste and her amazing doughnut chomping skills, West 1 got to eat first!

Halloween candy is so gross...but so fun :)

Yummy treats!

Thanks President Seppi!

Sister Dieujuste and my lovely counterpart - Sister Gordon

Free food always makes you feel better :)

 Some sisters dressed for the occasion!

Look at these beauties!


Yes, we are spoiled, but we love every second of it.

The final and most anticipated surprise of the night was that we got to watch ...HARRY POTTER!
Let me tell ya, watching that movie with a bunch of sister missionaries is one of the funniest things.  I don't know if I could really describe the experience, so I guess you'll just have to take my word for it!


Posted By: Sister Vach