Monday, March 4, 2013

Temple Square is Cookin'!

The Temple Square Blogger has been hibernating for the last couple months due to freeeezing weather! Now that it is warming up here on the Square, she is back, ready to blog, and say that Temple Square is COOKIN'!
Here are some things that you have missed out on while she has been gone...
Enrichment night!
Left to right: Sister Vaivai (New Zealand), Sister Creal (USA), Sister Spencer (USA), Sister Nelson (USA).
Sister Puttapong (Thailand) and Sister Fonoifu'a (USA/Tonga).
Sister Behrndt (Germany),Sister Marand (France),
 Sister Jump (USA).
Sister Imangazi (Kazakstan) and Sister Whisler (USA).
  Sister Nguyen (Brazil), Sister Yedigaryan (Armenia),
Sister Elliott (Tahiti) and Sister Itohara (Japan).
Sister Sneidere (Latvia), Sister Hodgkin (Germany),
Sister Muli (America Samoa) and Sister Fialho (Brazil).
Sister Reniva (Philippines), Sister Mahuru (Tahiti), Sister Arias (Guatemala), Sister Phagwah (Guyana), Sister Asuncion (Philippines), Sister Walsh (England), Sister LaPorte (USA), Sister Hittrich (Canada) and Sister Thulasidass (India).
All the sisters had a great time being Spiritually and temporally FED! They learned easy recipes to make healthy meals. 

With love,
Temple Square Blogger