Thursday, March 7, 2013

Winter Hats!

Bundle up! It has been a cold winter here on Temple Square. Thanks to Elder Skanchy we have some pictures of things we have been wearing to keep warm!
Sister Davis (USA)
Sister Roffler (Switzerland)

Sister Dias (Brazil) and Sister Cash (Australia)  
Sister Boatright (USA) 
Sister Wilhelm (Chile)
Sister Oh (South Korea)
Sister Chadderton (New Zealand)  
Sister Jump (USA)

Sister Nilsson (Sweden) and Sister Behrndt (Germany)
Sister Walls (USA)
Sister Ronstrom (Sweden)

Sister Ellis-Sherinian (USA) and Sister Vach (USA) 
Sister Whaley (USA)
Sister Fonoifu'a (USA and Tonga)

Sister Martin (USA), Sister Roy (USA) and Sister Aranda (Mexico)
With Love,
Temple Square Blogger