Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Faces on Temple Square as we begin 2014!

We welcome our newest sisters who joined us from the MTC on January 8th.   They are eager, well-trained and ready to go.  

Sister Andre on the right with her trainer, Sister Tuinukuafe

Sister Simons with Sister Souza

Sister Calderon with her trainee Sister Ichikawa

Sister Jin with her trainer Sister Christensen

 Sister Kang with her trainer , Sister Khaomuangnoi

Sister Heuea with her new trainee, Sister Nath Guerrero

Sister Stuffelbean with her trainee Sister Asuro

Sister Yang and her trainee Sister Dimatera

Sister  Gomez with
her trainee Sister Chen

Sister Moreno with her trainer Sister Siliverio

Sister Palmer with her trainee Sister Tsang

Sister Piredda with her trainee Sister Fuentes

Sister Lampinen with her trainer Sister Walsh

Sister Gearheart with President and Sister Gilllette

Sister Bernhardt with Pres. and Sister Gillette

Sister Bomgren with her trainer Sister Reed