Monday, December 8, 2014


DECEMBER 7, 2014

This morning after Sacrament Meeting our sister missionaries looked forward to attending Music and Spoken Word in the Conference Center.  As usual our departing sisters were recognized and thanked for their service at the end of the program. 
Departing for home this transfer are Sisters: Cuevas, Depablos, Hardy, Humble, Jarrett, Malavasi, May, Nakayama, Orfila, Park, Price, Sheratt, Snow, Stufflebean, Tanner, Yang, Yeung, Yu, Kennach, Liao, Ying, Vosaniyaqona, and Stephen.  
DECEMBER 8, 2014
Today at 8am we held zone transfer meetings.  Zone Leaders gave out new assignments including apartment moves and new companionships.  After the zone meetings we met as a mission in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square to receive words of counsel from President and Sister Poulsen.  Sister Yeung, one of our AP’s, will be departing for home so President Poulsen announced that Sister Gretchen Rose Brock will fill that position.  Departing sisters were asked to bear a brief testimony/words of advice.  New Zone leaders called this transfer are:  Sisters Ma, Araujo, Jones, Jin, Christensen, Ueno, Weidmann, Tiritilli, Reed, Cardus, Davis, Tuinukuafe, Vargas, Hirro, Stigsson and Torres.
In celebration of exceeding their baptism goal during this transfer period sisters gathered for Pizza and icecream.  For this Transfers (6 week period) we had 159 baptisms!!