Thursday, December 25, 2014


We awoke to freshly fallen snow this Christmas day!  Our mission met together at 1:00 pm in the North Visitor center for our Christmas Devotional.  We want to thank all the sisters who have contributed time and talents to make this an amazing program.  Through your readings, singing and instrumental presentations we were able to reflect upon the beautiful Christmas story of our Savior Jesus Christ and what it means to each of us in our lives.

Immediately following our Christmas Devotional we went to the South Visitor Center for cookies and milk provided by the generosity of many families throughout the Utah Valley.  Zones then met together to open gifts provided by secret Santa's.

Cookies and Milk or Juice


East 1 Zone  
North 1 Zone

At 5pm this evening our mission enjoyed a Christmas dinner provided by several families from the Highland Stake--a wonderful and most appreciated meal!!!!!

President Poulsen enjoys dinner with the Sisters