Monday, January 19, 2015


January 17, 2015

This morning at 9am all departing sisters and Pres. and Sister Poulsen met in the chapel of the Salt Lake Temple for their chapel meeting to prepare to attend the 10am session.  Later in the day our departing sisters will meet with Pres. Harmon at 4pm.  He will teach them interviewing skills as well as how to prepare a resume.

Departing Sisters: Asay, Barrett, Christensen, Esikia, Gee, Hansen, Hsu, Khaomuangnoi, T.Lau, Nakamatsu, Steenhoek, Taito, Tanjaroentham, Tiritilli, Trusciglio, Tuinukuafe, Vargas, Weidmann, Palmer, Peters, Bonvissuto, Y.Yu, Ang, and Agurcia.

Also at 4:30 today our new sisters arrived from the MTC.  They are excited to be here and we are so excited to have them serve with us on Temple Square.  First thing on the agenda is to have their picture taken for our Transfer Board.

January 19, 2015
Today at 7 am we held Zone transfer meetings and our zone leaders gave new assignments and zones to all the sisters in their zones except those going Outbound to serve in another area of the United States and those departing sisters going home.  After this meeting we all met together for Zone Transfer conference at the chapel in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.  

President and sister Poulsen gave words of encouragement and counsel.  All departing sisters bore their testimony and shared something with us that they learned on their mission.  For our closing song departing sisters were invited to come up to the front of the chapel and we all sang together ''Called to Serve''.  Sister Taito, one of our AP's is departing for home and Sister Jin has been called to serve as our new AP along with Sister Brock.  

Sisters Jin and Brock, our amazing AP's

January 20, 2015
Moving Day today for our sisters - 

Returning Outbound Sisters and their missions are:  Almeida from Georgia Macon mission, Amar from Louisana Baton Rouge, Andre from Wisconsin Milwaukee, Bomgren from New Jersey Morristown, Cano Pashco from Georgia Macon, L.Chen from Nevada Reno, Dimatera from Texas San Antonio, Fiso from Louisana Baton Rouge, Gearheart from Wisconsin Milwaukee, Ho from Idaho Nampa, Jamito from Georgia Macon, Jesse from Arizona Scottsdale, Lampinen from Virginia Richmond, Lopez from New York Utica, Lytle from Virginia Richmond, Mashbat from Montana Billings Melone from California San Diego, Moreno from Nevada Reno, Richmond from Nevada Reno, Saet from Idaho Nampa, Shih from California San Fernando, Spichiger from California San Diego, Tamara from Idaho Nampa, Tsang from Texas San Antonio and Wu from Wisconsin Milwaukee.

Sisters going Outbound this transfer are:  An from Taiwan, Bryuzgina from Russia, Bulaoat from Hawaii, Burgoyne from Pennsylvania, Caramia from Italy, H.Chen from China/Australia, Desjourdy from Canada, Ennis from Oregon, Hernandez from Canada, Huang from China, Campelo from Brazil, Ioane from French Polynesia, C.Lau from Hong Kong, Lee from Hong Kong, Linares from Mexico, Merrill from Idaho, Nguyen from Vietnam, Nogueira from Brazil/Georgia, Oh from South Korea, Radamason from Madagascar, Oliveira from Brazil, Skaggs from California, Timoteo from American Samoa/Washington, Toa from Vanautu and Tuckett from Oklahoma. 

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