Sunday, July 5, 2015


July 2, 2015

Elder Skanchy taught us about budgeting and the proper use of our mission budget card in Relief Society today.  He also gave us a short history of the United States becoming a nation and explained to our International Sisters why July 4th is a very special day to Americans.  It was announced that on July 4th our mission would participate in a cookout at Brigham Park hosted by our Mission Presidency.  The famous J-Dawgs would be served.  Let the good times roll!!



President and Sister Poulsen with Sister missionaries donning their red, white and blue.

President Loos and Elder Bradshaw wait for those J-Dawgs!

Sister Weidmann, a former missionary from Switzerland surprised us with a visit

Elder and Sister Moore's Model A Ford captured the attention of everyone!

Can the AP's get Pres. Harman to make more J-Dawgs?

Pres. Harman and Loos keep them J-Dawgs coming!

Elder Skanchy and Pres. Loos relaxing on the 4th!

                                                        Elder & Sister Richardson chat with Sis. Weidman