Wednesday, July 8, 2015


July 6, 2015--First thing this morning we had Transfer Conference at 7:30am in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square.  Opening remarks were given by President and Sister Poulsen.  Sister Poulsen shared some interesting thoughts about how a mission will bless our life forever.  On a mission we learn to be confident in ourselves and believe in our capacity to do good so that we can contribute in our communities and make a difference in this world.  As I remember who I am—a daughter of Heavenly Father—I can feel confident that Heavenly Father will help me in all my righteous endeavors and then I can help others feel confident.  Our joy in the accomplishments of others will be magnified as we are confident and remember who we are.  Sister Poulsen said she first served a mission with President Poulsen in Johnannsburg, So. Africa and now at Temple Square.  She said it has been a blessing to follow on his coat tails.  She encouraged the departing sisters to find someone to marry who loves the Lord.  She shared with us Sister Hinckley’s remark that she knew when she married Gordon he would love the Lord more than her and that was okay.  This way he will take me into eternity with him. 

President Poulsen said that the main thing that attracted him to Sister Poulsen besides she was cute is her reverence for things that are sacred.  He proceeded to give a quick overview of our mission saying that every week since last transfer we have increased our investigators, baptisms are on the rise, we are growing in number of missionaries and we are having fewer health issues than in the past.  With all the changes taking place this transfer what kind of companion will you be?  He suggested they take the time to read a great conference talk given 2000 years ago—The Sermon on the Mount found in Matthew 7:12 and then decide what kind of companion you will be. 

The goal is not to achieve the Standard of Excellence, which is the means to the end.  The goal is to Come unto Christ and be perfected in Him.  The Standard of Excellence will help us find people to teach.  Set your baptism goals for this transfer and the week you will achieve your baptism goal. Consider the following when setting goals: How much does God love each one of His children, what is the purpose of my mission anyway, what kind of missionary do I want to be, how can setting a goal help me be more successful as a missionary (don’t only set goal but need to plan it out and write it), what can we do better to accomplish goal, whose work is this anyway, what can we do to make sure we have His help? It’s great to have a companion in doing the Lord’s work so love them while you are doing His work!

Before Transfer Conference we met in zones to receive our new assignments and companions

Departing Sisters: Occolier, Ye, Ho, Cano, Pichardo, Mashbat, Shih, Lopez, Dutra, Andre, Galgianni

Following are some of their departing thoughts to the rest of the sisters. 

Cano: In a company you are quick to find out who your boss is and you study your product.  If you don’t know the benefit of the product or how to use it you won’t do well.  A mission is the same.  Do you know who your boss is?  Take time to know your Savior.  If you know Him you will get along with your companion because you will know that He gave her to you.  Know your Savior to be happy and you won’t feel the desire to complain about anything. 

Lopez:  Always trust in the Lord and rely on Him.  We have wonderful talents but they are nothing without the Savior.  When you are focused on your mission and work hard its easier to forget yourself and your family.  The Lord will take care of them.

Pichardo: When in service of others you are in the service of your God.  Serve because we want to make Heavenly Father happy and others.  Serve your companion because you love her and don’t expect anything back. Read Exodus 17:11-12. 

Occolier:   Temporal advice I have to give is to always eat breakfast for strength to work your hardest everyday.  At the end of the day write down the miracles and blessings you received that day.  It may have been a hard day but you can see how the Lord has blessed you.  The restored gospel means everything to me.  If you desire to follow the Lord He will find you.  Our assignment may not always be the most pleasant because it takes us away from talking to people but its critical work that needs to be done.

Galgiani:  Follow your heart.  Where is your heart and align your heart with Gods will.  If it’s not focused on God what can you do to change your desires.  Put God first, true happiness comes from God and His work.  The world has nothing to offer.  Be the companion you would like to have. 

Andre:  Your mission can help you find yourself if you forget yourself and go to work. The scriptures tell us that when you lose your life you find it.  Focus on where your feet are as Pres. Monson admonished us in last conference and always do your best.  Don’t waste time wishing for something else.

Shih:  Work hard, this is the only time to really give all your time to the Lord. 

Mashbat:  Be grateful you are here even if you don’t understand why. Phip. 4:6-8.  A Mission not easy but most remarkable work to be engaged in.  Learn from your mistakes and forgive yourself. Don’t worry about family, Heavenly Father will care for them.

Ho:  Follow the Spirit.  Pray in heart and ask God what you need to share the gospel and where you need to go.  Your will have a successful mission when you follow the Spirit (Alma 26).  This is not our work but His work.

Ye:  Set small goals to reach big goals.  Daily goals help you reach end goal.  Find person who needs you in each hour.  Have hope.  In hard times have hope.  Jesus Christ died to give us hope.  If you are grateful for what Jesus Christ did then have hope. 

Dutra:  My mission is like a dream-wake up and its over.  The time goes so very fast.  Enjoy every single day as your last day.  D&C 58:27.  Fear God, don’t fear man.

We finished our Transfer Meeting singing Temple Square theme song “Called to Serve”.