Monday, September 14, 2015


As the visitors exit the Tabernacle after listening to Music and the Spoken Word they are greeted by Temple Square Sisters singing hymns and then announcing or inviting them to take a tour in their own language or in English. 

Sister Brooks invites our guests to have a tour
Sisters Nguyen and Burgoyne walk the Square talking to guests

Sisters Parrish, Castillo, Lysy and George remind our guests to not leave without a Book of Mormon!!!!!

Sisters Kim, Hara, Menzie, George, Fluckiger and Castillo enjoy Music & the Spoken Word

Sisters Xia and Chilan
Sisters Mtyobile and Ngwenya

Twice the Beauty!!
Sisters Caramia and Atchu
Sisters Lin, Quidiman and Lee

Sisters Sughroue and Eging

Temple Square Saves the World

At the Tabernacle

Pond Tour - Sisters Pan, Lo, Zhong our inbound sisters give a tour